Hpv effect only

Hi all,

I first had my smear last May time when I was 26 and hpv high risk with borderline changes came back.

I went for a colposcopy and the nurse seemed unsure and didn't want to over treat, took a biopsy and the result came back as hpv effect only. She didn't tell me what level of cin it looked like before taking the biopsy. I rang and asked do I have any cin she said no just your bodies response to the virus and that I would be put back on 3 year recall

 However a year later  I was called up again, confused I rang up and was told that because I changed surgery and home it was a mistake and that maybe the screening process was changed

Another smear, a year later same result hpv high risk and borderline cells.

Nervous and confused I had another coloscopy in which the nurse said I looked like some areas of cin 2 and showed me where, took two biopsies to check because of the contradicting smear result.

Just had my result and again hpv effect only but this time they want to see me in 6 months. I'm so confused... Why does it look worse than the actual biopsy result and if its not cin1 why do they want to do another colposcopy and smear test. I though cin1 was a year check up and I'm not even supposed to have that?

I know the letter is good news but I'm scared that theyre missing something as it doesn't seem to track, the letter doesn't give you much explanation and I feel like Im just waiting another 6 months to go through another anxiety riddled procedure.

Screening tests are not diagnostic. In addition, the nurse can only give an educated guess when looking at your cervix.

The only true diagnostic test is the biopsy. I suspect that they want to see you in 6 months because your body had not managed to clear the HPV in the year between your 2 colposcopies so they want to keep a closer eye on you than standard in case cell changes start. Because they do this all day long and physically it is no big deal, I think that not enough acknowledgement is made of how anxiety inducing it is.

I may be tempted to write down all your questions and give the department a ring. 

I got a confusing letter after my lletz so I rang the hospital. The receptionist put my consultant on the phone who spent about 10 minutes explaining it all to me (and apologising for poorly worded NHS standard letters) which was very reassuring.