Phone call today

I’ve added a few posts on this forum asking questions and I have found it great so I have decided to create this post for people coming later

I am 40 and physically really fit , in April I had heavy bleeding before a wedding , I had been building up to taking my daughter who has autism to this wedding for 2 years so figured it was stress .
But I called the doctor , it look until August the 15th for me to be seen .

The doctor done a 2 week emergency appointment at the hospital.

I had this on the 29th and the consultant scared the crap out of me saying I had cancer and it had spread to my kidneys.

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks in a horrible limbo thinking I was on my way out .

Had an mri yesterday and today I got the call that I do have cancer . I have a little lymph node involvement but no other organs

It is a weird thing to say that I feel delighted to have this diagnosis … but I really did have such a fear that it had taken hold of my kidneys like the dr had said.


It is good news it has not spread any further. It means it is highly treatable. Did they recommend radical hysterectomy with lymphadenectomy or chemo or both?


Hi @Mel2 thanks for sharing.

Let me say B utterly, utterly! get the weird feeling. I’d be comforted to hear that it was not in my major organs also!! I swear, I wish doctors wouldn’t guess at thing until scans are done beyond ‘I believe you have cancer’

I am sorry regardless that you have this awful disease. Please keep in touch and hopefully you’ll be on the fast track now to find out your treatment plan. If you need anything please message me

Right need to get my bum in bed as well sleepy now :sweat_smile:

Sending positive hugs
Mena x


It will probably still be chemo and radiation. But I had been so scared that this is a relief


My piece of advice is to wait and see the results of your scans and your subsequent staging of the disease. There is no point to worry at the moment. A lot of people respond very well in chemo and live long healthy lives. Make sure, during and after your chemo and even from today, your lifestyle will be very healthy. 1) eat lots of organic veggies and fruits, 2) no junk food, 3) try not to stress about matters in life since stress is the worst enemy, 4) NO SMOKING, 5) NO ALCOHOL, 6) NO contraceptive pills, 7) no hormone related stuff etc. All these will help you have a successful and long lasting treatment since a good immunity system responds better to treatment. After the end of the treatment, discuss with your doctor, since there are herbs like astragalus which have anti-tumor properties (but only after the end of the therapy since herbs can stop the action of chemo). It will go well! Be positive, CC is highly treatable! <3

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