Diagnosed today

I had a lletz on the 19th feb and was called on Thursday to attend clinic on Monday 

3rd march . He said there was spots of cancer and I have an MRI on 11th march 

Hi Bernieboo, so so sorry to see your diagnosis.  Let's hope that the cancer isn't too developed and that it has been caught in an early stage.  Mine was stage 1b1 and luckily it was contained in the cervix with no spread elsewhere.

Know you will be feeling very worried and upset right now, I remember how I felt when I was told but thank goodness it has been found so something can be done to treat it.

You'll get through this one step at a time.  Stay strong.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Bernie,

I keep trying to write a post but IPad is not helpful!

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, i know how you feel i got the call and had to see the consultant the next day. I was told it i had stage 1a1 and referred for MRI and CT, i am glad you have your MRI booked for next week it will soon come around and be done with, i had my scans 2 weeks ago and have a meeting with my consultant on wednesday. Things will start flowing quickly so try to take someone along with you as once they mention C your mind goes blank i can barely remember what they were saying! 

Stay strong and calm, once your scans are out of the way you will know what the next step is.

Sending lots of hugs your way, keep us posted on your results.


Thanks ladies they mentioned other appointments but ive forgot what 

they said they were for x I was told to take someone with me and I have 

a booklet on cc to read x I know they will have a meeting about what the MRI comes back 

with . My mind went blank 



Yes, remember my mind going blank too - its that awful c word that does it.  Luckily I had hubby with me at the time and he remembered more than me.

Did you have a Macmillan nurse in with you when you were told?  I did and from what I understand most ladies do.  Anyway, you could give her a ring and ask her to go over what was said.  I was given a booklet too and a sheet with the contact phone numbers on.

Hugs, Cheryl, xx

Hi hun

yeah I had a nurse sit in after the doctor had finished I had to follow her into 

her office . She was nice offered me support and tried to explain things again 

which I didn't take in one bit . I know have an MRI and he's recommended a hysterectomy or he asked me 

how I would feel about that .... The conversation is all a blur 

the nurse did recommend that I bring someone with me to my next appointments which might be 

a good thing . I have the nurses number so I'm going to ring her today now I can think straight x

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

How did it go when you rang the nurse? Maybe you could ask for an email address so she can send you info in a written form so you can look at it again. I had a friend come to all my appointments and it was vital. I just could not concentrate on what they were saying and spent most of the time cracking jokes as it was my way of dealing with it!!

Your GP can also be very good at listening, and also prescribed sleeping tablets for me in the very early days when my head just wouldn't switch off.

We are all here for you. You will get through it. xx


So sorry to hear your news  when i was told it was like i was in adream and i thought when i woke up it would be gonebut it wasnt keep strong here for you  if i can help these brave ladies on here  kept me going hug sentx


So sorry to hear your news  when i was told it was like i was in adream and i thought when i woke up it would be gonebut it wasnt keep strong here for you  if i can help these brave ladies on here  kept me going hug sentx


Thanks ladies 

just coming to terms with it still I think 

My husband hasn't been well these last 2 wweeks flu 

mostly so I'm just trying to get on with it 

and in a way forget my diagnosis until my next appointment as 

Feels a litle overwhelming 

Hi Bernieboo

Just wanted to give you a virtual hug and let you know you will gt lots of support on this forum.  I was diagnosed in December, had a radical hysterectomy and am looking at going back to work in three weeks. I am sure you are in good hands with your medical team and you will get through this. Just take one day at a time. Hugs SL x

Hi Bernieboo.  I was recommended a hysterectomy as well inititially, even after an examination the consultant said this would need to be the way.  I am 30 with no kids so was a bit of a shock but began to get my head around it.  However 2 weeks later after further scans this is no longer the best option and I will be having Chemoradiation instead.  It is very difficult but until you have had every scan/test/examination going keep an open mind.  I learnt that the hard way.