Diagnosed yesterday

Hi all,

So yesterday late evening I received a phone call from my GP confirming that my MRI scan showed I have cervical cancer which has spread up my left side. I have been poorly with symptoms for the past 18 months but cervical cancer never crossed my mind or my GPs as my recent smear was clear!
I’m feeling numb and in limbo, I have an appointment on Friday (24th march) where they will be taking the biopsy and I am assuming that from there I will find out how advanced the cancer is and hopefully the course of treatment.
The feeling I got from my GP felt like they weren’t optimistic due to the growth they saw on the scan.
I have a 22 month old and a 5 year old and all I can think about is fighting this to be here for them, my family are in pieces, especially my husband and parents.
I just wanted to reach out to people who have or are in a similar position.

Thank you for reading

Michelle x

Hi Michelle.

I'm really sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I know what you're going through, thinking worst case scenario all the time. It completely takes over your mind. This part now is the worst bit, the not knowing. 

Please don't take your gp's reaction the wrong way...they have no idea of the stages and treatments. And please stay away from google, it will do nothing but terrify you. Come on here for support when needed instead. 

Its easier said than done but my attitude is to try and put it to the back of your mind when you can until you know what it is you are facing. Your kids will be a distraction I'm sure. My girl is 2 in June and she keeps me busy so I can't dwell on things for too long.

Love Cara xxx

Thank you so much Cara,

I really appreciate the advice, you certainly are right about the children keeping me busy it's just those quiet times where I'm finding my mind wondering.

I will stay clear of google thank you.

take care thank you again 

love Michelle xx

As cara said  stay  clear of  Google  everyone  on  on here  is so lovely n helpful try not  to worry  to much  until  u know  what you are dealing  with cericval cancer is very  treatable  try  n start resting  when  you  can as treatment  can be very  draining  i found any questions  feel free to  ask  xxx

Hi Michelle 

take a huge deep breath, relax your shoulders and let the tension go..... you are not going anywhere anytime soon!! 

cervical cancer is very curable and even when you have a larger tumour. There are many ladies in here that will tell you that they are doing great even when they had a 7-8cm tumour. Your GP is probably. It aware of many things when it comes to the treatment and stuff as pp mentioned so pls do not take his reaction or expression to heart. In fact do not try to read anyone's expression while during appointments. Focus on the facts! 

My youngest was only 7 mths old when I was diagnosed and treatment wasn't unmanagable its not going to be like the movies at all. I still functioned normally with housework and kids. drove myself everyday to treatment which was 45 min away. You will be ok. 

Stick around as we are a great bunch and totally know what you are going through. 

Hi. Hopefully you will get some answers on Friday.  

I can only echo what the other ladies have said. 

My tumour was 7cm and staged at 4a. My last 4 scans have shown no evidence of disease x 

Hi Michelle, it has all been said by the other fabulous ladies, but take heart, the treatment is manageable and you will get through this. Just stick with us all for support. Big hug x

Thank you all so much for your support!  It means so much to speak to others in a similar position and get much needed positive advice.  

I have now broken the news to family and close friends who have all wished me well, drowned me in tears and bear hugs, it hasnt hit me yet I feel tearrings watching them cry when I can't, which is unusual for me as I can be very emotional at the best of times.  I guess it will hit me soon enough.

thank you again, much love xx

Hi Michelle

i too have been diagnosed this week with CC after having symtoms for 2 yearS. I have had a CT and MRI and I am now anxiously waiting for grading. I am going through all the emotions of fear, anger and feeling it is just a bad dream. I have a wonderful supportive family and friends who I know will get me through this but the fear of the unknown is overwhelming. 


Hi I've also been diagnosed with cc I'm visiting the hospital tomorrow to find out my staging and hopefully my treatment plan as I've been waiting a month to find out! It's been the longest month of my life..I didn't know I had such a range of emotions...wishing you all the luck tomorrow for a positive outlook 

kay x

Hi Michelle

Sorry to hear of your news this week. I was diagnosed with CC on Monday and in similar position to you waiting for scans etc to determine where we are at.

I joined the forum on Tuesday and have been overwhelmed by the support - definitely keep coming here and we'll help eachother.

Telling family and friends is horrible isn't it. My mum was with me at diagnosis and seeing her was the worst part of it. Total range of emotions is ok and completely normal.

I have wobbles every day but also moments where I laugh, do day to day mundane activities and watch netflix.

Best of luck for these next few days and speak soon.



thank you all so much for your responses it means so much to know I can talk.

i have just returned from having my biopsy today and I don't know if I just had an insensitive rough woman or if I'm just weak but it hurt so much.  she said I cannot have a bath until my results come through which she said could take up to 6 weeks! Has anyone had any different information regarding taking a bath following a biopsy? All I want to do is have a nice hot soak.

really unsure how I'm going to keep myself staying positive waiting on the results, I just can't believe it could take up to 6 weeks :( 

thank you again for all your support 

much love Michelle xx

Hi Michelle

That must seem like an age to wait, will be thinking about you.

I did ask today about having a bath ( as I went to A&E as had a LOT of bleeding following LLETZ procedure last MON - they've stopped it now and given me some medication. It is normal for this to happen apparently).

They said it was ok to have a bath as long as no 'douching' and try not to let too much water go up there! To be honest though I haven't had a bath yet as don't want to risk it.

Maybe take a few days of showers, and if there's not too much bleeding ask the nurse or GP if it would be ok?

Take care xxx