Persistant HPV / Lletz / CIN3

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Does anyone know more info on Lletz and the HPV with long term partner?

I’ve been with my other half 13 years and only slept with him, so what if Lletz just scrapes off the cells and HPV? Can I then catch HPV back from my partner? Obviously there is no test for men so surely we could just keep passing it back and forth

However as far as I know if your body clears it then would you be immune to that strain? (But if removed by Llettz that’s not your immune system clearing it so it can come back right?) And as there is no test for men how do we know if he has it or not? Then they say it’s not all cases go to cancer and I read a FB post from a woman who had CIN3 but got pregnant, had the baby and then tested after and cells were all normal no CIN3! But I am aware CIN is higher risk so it does need treating. Then again I had yearly smears for 3 years and no abnormal cells so how can they miss CIN3 and only came up in a biopsy?

Hi Emy, I don’t have a direct answer for your questions about reinfection, but…if you’re feeling remotely frustrated (and scared) about CIN confusion, welcome to the club! When I first started having symptoms, a standard smear said mild dyskaryosis; then a few months later (5?) a biopsy showed CIN3. The mind boggles. I know the biopsy is more accurate than a smear, and if my upcoming LLETZ shows no further invasion, then of course I will forever be grateful it was caught in time. For now, I’m cleaning up my act to boost my immunity. Are you having a LLETZ soon? xx

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Hi Ana yeah it’s booked in for next week. I actually had a letter a while back dated 17th March with the CIN 3 results and called in as I hadn’t had another letter about an appointment date.

She said you are meant to have the treatment within 6 weeks and I seemed to have been missed so she booked me in for April 19th with another consultant, I’ve had another letter come through with another colposcopy apt for the 29th with the consultant I saw first which seems to be a mistake!! So I think I will go on the 19th as earliest and just take the other letter and make sure they cancel that if it is a mistake.

Yes it is so good it can be caught in time :slight_smile: I hope everything goes well with yours x

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the lletz just treats the abnormal cells not the HPV infection itself once you have the virus it stays with you BUT this does not mean it will be in an ‘active’ state forever your immune system can suppress it back into dormancy (cell changes only happen when it’s in an active state) woman who test positive then negative then positive again its not that they have been reinfected with another it usually means it has reactivated so there isn’t really an immunity to the strain x as for your boyfriend you wouldn’t know when it’s active or dormant with him there isn’t a way to find out x

Although CIN is a definitive precursor for CC it’s true that not all cases go on to be that, many woman have persistent HPV and also refused treatment yet they have either gone on to regress or things have stayed the same they just don’t know who will go on to progress

all grades have actually been known to regress on their own depending on certain factors age etc some more likely than others they have different management systems for each grade of CIN as they don’t want to over treat
CIN1 they usually leave for a year then offer treatment if it’s still present as this is the most common to regress on its own
CIN2/3 is less likely so unless you are pregnant they usually offer treatment at the colposcopy appointment or after biopsy results have returned

Some cell changes happen further up the cervical canal which may be why smears have missed it so far, smears are generally just a guide that they use to say whether you need further investigation the biopsies are the more definitive diagnosis x


Super helpful, thank you

Thank you for such a comprehensive reply that’s been really helpful :slight_smile: