No CIN from LLETZ?

Hi there, just wanted to ask if anyones LLETZ came back with no abnormal cells whatsoever!?

My smear came back in February with HPV+ and low grade dyskaryosis. Was sent to colposcopy and had 3 biopsies. My biopsies came back ungradable… 2nd lot required.
2nd lot of biopsies taken in May. They said they didnt no what grade they were but would discuss during a team meeting to decide what to do.
My nurse said she felt i just had inflammation from active HPV but would let me no the outcome of the meeting.
August i recieved a letter inviting me for LLETZ treatment as they felt my cells were CIN2/CIN3.
September came and i went for my LLETZ (after months and months of disabling anxiety!!! To the point i went to my GP and basically told her i thought id lost the plot!)
The consultant took 2 sweeps (as she called it) of my cervix, as apparently it needed it! Apparently i had high density something white!? Anyway, i waited 8weeks for my results and i only got these because i kept calling the hospital and annoyed them, and theyve said i have active HPV and no cell changes were detected in my biopsies!!! Do they no what their doing!? Should i be worried by this? She was so “ok” with it and said, well maybe the biopsies removed all your CIN!! OK, but whats all this high density stuff you apparently saw? Sorry but im now a bit concerned. Ive had this treatment which left me with pain and the most heaviest periods ive ever experienced since and for what?
Has anyone else had similar experience?