Advice please.... CIN3 and HPV+

Hi, I had lletz just over 3 weeks ago and I got my results yesterday of CIN3 and HPV+. I have been with my husband 7 years (married 5 months) and had a normal smear 3 years ago when I was 25. Although I know that having HPV doesn't mean that somebody has cheated I am just wondering why HPV has shown up this time when I had a normal smear before. Can you have a normal smear with HPV and how do you get rid of it? Surely if I have HPV then I will have given it to my husband and we will just keep giving it to each other? We are wanting to try for a baby ASAP but want to wait for my 6 month smear and hopefully get the all clear. My worry is though if I have HPV will the abnormal cells just come back? Also I have heard that you can only have around 4 sessions of lletz before it removes your cervix... Is this correct? Sorry for all the questions I'm must hoping somebody can enlighten me!


Thanks in advance xx 


Just wanted to reply as my relationship experience was similar - I had been with my partner for 7/8 years before my first abnormal smear and had had two clear smears whilst we were together

From what I know HPV is a sneaky little virus which can lie dormant before becoming active and then causing cell changes. Something which for the most part is out of our control. Also, most surgeries only introduced HPV testing over the last couple of years. So perhaps your smears were normal and you were HPV positive, but it isnt something they picked up. Who knows!!


The LLETZ treatment should stimulate your body to get rid of the HPV. You cant get reinfected by your partner as it is the same strain which you body has now kicked out.


I hope this helps a little


Cat xxxxx

Thank you for your reply, I have had a very stressful past few months with the wedding and also moved house the day after we got back from honeymoon as well as working 60+ hour weeks for 3 months in the run up to the wedding so I wonder if that could have caused it to become active? I just hope I can get rid of it now! Xx