Periods after Lletz

Hiya, hopefully this is in the right place. I had a lletz done on 6th Jan, was ok afterwards and didn't bleed at all - I thought odd but not complaining. My 1st period was due 2 weeks after, was on time and heavy for 3 days with cramping on first day - absolutely normal for me. I've just started my next period and have been in agony for the past 2 days, the cramps are through the roof and I feel like I'm in labour (I've had 2 babies and you never forget!) it seems to be getting worst despite pain killers and hot water bottles. I feel faint and tearful, could this just be my body adjusting from the procedure or should I see my GP next week? Thank you X

You could have an infection I would definitely contact your GP. I had one and its not nice at all.