Period after lletz

Hi I am new here but have been using these forums for advice since I was told I have abnormal cells.

so I had my lletz procedure on 30.10.14 and results came back cin3.

after my procedure I got all the usual symptoms light bleeding, discharge etc and then my period came as normal So I thought everything was fine and healed ok first couple of times I had sex with my partner I bleed a little but not much.

anyway so when my 2nd period was due I had my usual discharge which I get a few days before a full blown period starts but my period never started I then took 2 hpt a week apart which both came back negative I felt different in myself and was getting symtoms of nausea tiredness light cramps etc.

3 weeks down the line and I have started getting really severe stomach Cramps mostly during the night were I am doubled over in agony knees up to my chest, I get hot and sweaty and nausea. I didn't think anything of it that night then it happened again the night after but still nothing, then me and my partner had sex (sorry tmi) and I was fine i didn't have any cramps that night but woke up to really heavy bleeding and now the severe cramps hotness and nausea have all started again I get this every night.

has anyone else experienced this after lletz and especially being late for their period I am regular as clockwork never been late so 3 weeks was really worrying me as we are trying for a baby so was hoping we was pregnant.

Hi Becky

I had lleitz the same time as you too. My period is late too so i think this might be fairly "normal" but i really think you should go and tell the GP what you have told us, and get it checked out. Not to worry you but I did this yesterday and it turns out i have an infection and needed antibiotics.

Take care x

Honey please get yourself to the doctors. This is not something that would be considered normal after a lletz. However don't panic, it is probably an infection that will clear up quickly. But sort it today!

Hiugs, Molly xxx

Thanks both of you just to add I did get an infection after my lletz and have already had the antibiotics which cleared this up very quickly. I was getting a yellow/green sour smelling discharge sorry for tmi so I don't think it is an infection but I will go to my gp if this carries on now. It seems my period has come 3 weeks late I'm never normally late as I said earlier and have never had these symptoms before. Thanks both of you