Pelvic fracture?

Hi all…just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience…I am currently 11 months in remission…last year after getting the all clear I had 4 fractures in my back…they finally healed and my life was getting back to a new normal…now I am in a great deal of pain from my hip…which has started to make my back ache …currently waiting for an x ray…would like to chat with someone who has possibly come through this and out the other side…thanks for reading x


I am almost two years post treatment and I had significant hip/pelvic pain and was diagnosed with a sacrum fracture. I am taking a conservative approach with treatment to give it time to heal but my doctor said that there is a treatment where they put cement in the fracture. I think the pelvic bones are just so much more susceptible to breaking because of the radiation. Another thing she suggested was steroid shots for the pain, but I decided to hold off on that. Honestly, the best thing that has helped me is walking a lot. On the days I go for long walks I feel much less pain. There have been days when I could barely walk because it felt so painful, but I have not had one of those in a long time and I try to walk a lot each day. I really think it is helping. Hope you find the support and treatment you need. :pray::heartpulse:


Hi…Sarah…thank you so much for taking the time to reply….it sounds like your fracture is healing/healed?..I only think this because after my treatment last year I had 4 back fractures…and with rest and time they healed themselves…we think chemotherapy caused my back fractures and I have also now been diagnosed with osteoporosis…I’m glad to hear you are out of pain…I had an mri on Sunday and should get my results at the latest next week…I could very well have a pelvic fracture…arthritis…worst case senario the cancer is back, but my Gp has said that’s very unlikely…but don’t we all have that awful niggly thought at every new pain that we could be facing that bastard cancer again?..I can’t wait to get out walking again…pre cancer I walked loads with my dog…then after back fractures my walking slowly came back…but sadly not as far due to chronic pain…now I’m knocked back again…knocked back but not knocked down…I hope in a few months to be up and ‘running’ again…enjoy your walking…atm I’m very jealous lol xxx

Hi Sue…

I don’t think the fracture is all the way healed, but it is much better. I can relate to the anxiety about a recurrence. I worried when I first started having the pain from the fracture that it was the cancer coming back and I am having some symptoms now (not related to the fracture issue) that are very concerning. It is hard to stay grounded in those moments of fear and panic. It sounds like your dog is a faithful companion… I am so very grateful for my dog (and cat, and my son’s birds). Our animal companions really makes all the difference. I am sorry that you aren’t able to be as active as you were and I hope you find your way through. And that we all land in a place of long-term recovery. Best wishes and lots of hugs….Sarah

Just to let you know Sarah that my cancer nurse phoned yesterday afternoon…NO CANCER :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:…so relieved…I still don’t know what’s causing the pain, but I have an appointment next week and will get all my answers then…I can deal with a fracture…been there and done that :muscle:t2:…to hear that the cancer had come back would be crushing to say the least…I really hope your new symptoms aren’t a recurrence…feel free to message me if you want some one to talk to…I had a lot of therapy after my cancer and back fractures…it really helped me find myself again…I was very lucky to eventually get a lot of help…cancer and ill health brings such darkness into your life…but there is light and life…and you’re right my fur baby brings me such joy….can’t wait to be roaming the fields, woods and beaches again…but I have learned acceptance and patience from last time!..take care now and stay well xxx

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I am so happy for your results. I can only imagine what a relief that is for you. :pray: I hope this gives your the peace of mind to sink fully into your healing journey (and, yes, you’ve got this…fractures, etc are nothing in the big picture! :muscle:).

Honestly, right now I am very scared. There is just weird stuff happening and I am wondering if some of the radiating pain I have now is in my pelvic lymph nodes. I have no idea, but something is not right. I wrote to my doctor and am waiting for his recommendation, maybe another scan or exam. I need to find a therapist because I haven’t gone to any tetra of through all of this and it is really catching up to me. My close girl friends are great have none of them have gone through something like this and I think my family just wants to move on. And so do I, but I feel like I am being haunted by this, and hunted by it. The side effects of the treatment and then fears of a recurrence rising up with strange, concerning symptoms. Sometimes I just feel so sad. And terribly alone with all of it. Thank you for listening. And for your support. I appreciate it so much. :heartpulse::disappointed_relieved:

Sorry that some of the text in my message got messed up, hopefully you can piece it together. :pleading_face:

Hi Sarah…firstly can I give you a piece of advice that might help :crossed_fingers:…I’m thinking that as you are 2 years post treatments that you still get regular checkups with oncology?..I would contact them straight away…I was allocated 2 Macmillan cancer nurses throughout and beyond…and one of them told me my good news as I had contacted her…now I’m presuming by Dr you mean Gp and not your oncologist…if you meant your oncologist then you are on the right path and won’t be left
dangling …also you can contact directly your oncologist’s secretary who will speak to your oncologist for you…they can be very helpful…I’m bothered that you wrote and didn’t phone as the post is terrible atm due to the strikes and I don’t want your letter to get lost…I’m now presuming you are in the UK :woman_facepalming:t3:…I totally get that no one…other than a cancer sufferer gets this hideous journey that will never end…again I was extremely lucky with therapy…we have a unit attached to our radiotherapy building that deals with all sorts of things cancer related…one of them being therapy…I asked for help in February…didn’t get it until August…but maybe it came at a good time for me then…I learned so much from my free sessions…I learned acceptance for my new me…new life…had to give up the job I loved doing for the past 30 years due to my back and not being able to lift heavy weights…I found that very hard…but I have accepted everything now and built a slower but still fulfilling life…oh and also along my journey I have found a social prescriber …they are attached to GPS…they offer loads for free or a minimal charge……I was offered swimming, arts and crafts, walking groups…the list was endless…but I chose volunteering and I am a member of the National Trust at our local Welcome Centre and I absolutely love it…it’s on hold atm while I get myself sorted…a social prescriber might be able to help with therapy…anyway enough about me….I hope you find the strength to chase up your appointments…be a pest lol I think it helps…so my advice is chase up all health professionals…try a social prescriber…and I am always here…cancer and the treatments are evil…it affects our minds as well as our bodies….I hope you get some answers really soon…and please keep in touch ….lots of love :two_hearts: xxx

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Hi Sarah…I have just come home from an oncology appointment…It seems I have the same as you…a fracture in my sacrum…he reviewed my meds and said it could take 12 months to heal…he said I’m unusual to be having the fractures so soon, but probably my bones were weak beforehand and treatment has made them worse…I’m getting an infusion to help with my bones…can I ask you the time frame from when you were first diagnosed to being so well now?...I know everyone is different…and I know I will heal…just want to be healed like yesterday lol….I’m hoping you are feeling better?..and have heard something from your Dr …lots of love :two_hearts: xx

Hi Sue,

How are you doing? Sorry I went off the radar. I need to have an ultrasound and a lymph node biopsy. Still waiting for it to be scheduled. Sometimes I think I just need to think more positively and that my anxiety and panic is creating all of this. I was listening to an audio book that was talking about how our thoughts create our destiny. Makes me feel like I am manifesting the cancer. Which just makes me feel worse. I live in the US but I did go to London for the first time last June and I loved it. :heart: Hope you are doing well…

Also - I somehow missed your last message! Sorry about the fracture, but at least you know now. My fracture happened early after treatment too…I have read that it is common in the first two years post treatment, but my doctor said he was surprised too. I am doing well in terms of that - I walk a lot, but it hurts/aches sometimes. Interesting that your doctor told you 12 months…mine didn’t really give me a timeframe.

Much love and healing to you!

Hi Sarah…no worries…although I was concerned about you…I have a book which was recommended from my therapist…it’s called The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris and Bev Aisbett…it has loads of self help guides inside…one chapter which particularly struck me was about thoughts…and how they manifest and how to deal with the frightening ones that lead us down the rabbit hole…I found it very helpful…I’m glad you’re getting an ultrasound etc…please let me know how you get on…we need answers to these niggles…we know our own bodies …can I ask with your fracture did you use a crutch at all?..and how long did it take you to start walking properly again?..I’m going to Florida in March…we have friends who have recently moved there…they also have a home in Pennsylvania….I have visited there and New York….I love your country and would like to see a whole lot more of it…so I need this damn fracture to hurry up and heal!..Much love…please keep in touch …enjoy your walking xx

Hi Sue,

I am excited for your trip to Florida! Where are you going? My sister lives near Vero Beach. I may actually be visiting her soon, but it may not be until April. I never used a crutch or cane but there were days that I could have used one! I took a lot of baths (I have a jet tub and I really think that helped) and also, this may seem weird, but I bought a red light and I really think it may have magical powers. Look up red light therapy! I can also send you the link for the one I bought. It is not too expensive and it is a square that you can stand up facing the sacrum area. Maybe it is all psychological, but whatever works!

Thank you for the book recommendation. I need it. The swelling around the lymph node has increased and the weird pains and it is hard to not panic. Sometimes I feel like I am able to set it aside, especially when I am working, but other moments (like right now), I can’t stop crying. The biopsy is supposed to be scheduled soon, but no appt yet.

All my best,


Hi Sarah…we travel to Florida in early March…to Englewood…I know it’s 2 hours from Orlando but that’s about it!..I don’t know if that’s anywhere near Vero Beach…but I will ask my friend …I haven’t heard about red light therapy…tbh I’m treating this the same way as the previous 4 back fractures from last year…lots of rest initially…then at the 12 week mark I intend to slowly increase the walking and ditch the crutch…you can see I like a plan lol…over here we don’t get an x ray to let us know if our fracture has healed, so I’m giving it the maximum time…and this time I will keep up with the drugs …as it’s not morphine …morphine sent me some scary times…for 12 months then hopefully try and reduce them…do you take anything for pain?..oh my love I feel your worries and inner panic……I had to give up my job because of my back…but last year I started volunteering…I have found out that it’s actually a thing that when you are with others your pain is lessened…I imagine it’s the same with dark thoughts…I hope the book helps…you can also get tapes to listen to …that helped another lady in our therapy group…I hope your appointments come through real soon…over here it’s a 2 week turn around with cancer investigations…we’re lucky to have that with the state of our nhs…did you manage to work with your fracture?...sending you a massive hug…lots of love :two_hearts: xx


I am sending healing thoughts your way for your bones so you can fully enjoy your time in Florida! I have worked through the fracture…but I used to travel via car (for work) and I have cut that way back because it hurts to sit for long periods of time in a car. I am purchasing the book on audio - thanks again for the recommendation. I think it is wonderful that you are volunteering and your healthcare system seems pretty good…things are hit or miss here in that world. Seems the insurance companies are running the show.

Bug hugs to you too! One day (or moment) at a time….xx

Ah thank you…I think you are amazing working through…our pain must radiate differently…I have just travelled for 6 hours in a car with very little pain…mine is 99% on moving…however today I have walked around the house much more without my crutch :muscle:t2:…my friend said Vero beach is on the other coast from where she lives and 3 hours away…USA is vast…I am really surprised that your health care is hit and miss….our NHS is failing, but luckily the cancer pathway seems strong atm…definitely one day at a time…please let me know how you get on moving forward…today has been a good day, and this evening we’re out for an early Valentine’s dinner :heart:…I hope you have a peaceful weekend xxxx

Hi Sue,

I hope you have a wonderful early Valentines celebration. I had a separation last December from my partner…he was my boyfriend through my diagnosis and treatment and we broke up just after Christmas last year. Now I have met someone I really like (we’re going to a concert on Tuesday), but I have not shared anything yet about my situation and am quite anxious about doing that (how to do it, when, etc…). We have gone out for coffee and for walks and share many of the same interests (love for nature, dogs, music). Anyway, we’ll see what happens. I can be who I am. I think I may have a new doctor in LA lined up so I am hopeful about that. I just need someone I can talk to about all of this stuff. My doctor now barely says anything to me and I feel so in the dark. Biopsy is Wed so :crossed_fingers:!

Take care and have a great :heart: celebration!


Ah that’s great you have a new love interest…but yes I agree very difficult to explain everything……you seem well
matched and I’m sure that will help in time …you definitely need an understanding and supportive Dr… I count myself lucky with my oncologist … good luck for Wednesday…let me know how you get on…big hugs xxxxx

Hi Sue…

I went to two LA doctors for second opinions - lymph issue may be lymphodema but not recurrence (yay!) I have a question — do you (or did you) take hormone therapy? The doctor here is prescribing it to me. :heartpulse::pray:

Hi…well that’s good news…does that mean further tests? I haven’t had …or taken hormone therapy…what does that do?..if it’s about the menopause I have been through it and out the other side…I’m 63…I’m imagining that you are a bit younger than me? Xx