Hello all - just an update on the hip pain. I was getting down about it as painkillers don't seem to be taking the edge off it and along with new bladder & bowel issues I am getting really anxious now.  Got an emergency appointment with my GP yesterday and he didn't really put my mind at ease.  He was able to 'hack in' to the computer system and get me the result of my xray, which showed nothing - no fractures. So it's not my hip bones, he got me up on the table & twisted my legs all shapes & I didn't flinch - no pain.  Good but bad news if you know what I mean - a fracture I can work with, anything else I'll go under.  He knows I have a bone density scan on Monday 27th therefore wants to wait until he gets results from that before he does anything.  He said he can't send me for MRI or anything, he would have to refer me back to  the Oncologist for that - now that scared me because I know now what he's thinking - it might be back? New to me also is increased night time incontinence. wear a pad  evey night just in case, as I can't predict when it's going to happen. Plus I have started getting sharp shooting pains in my tummy - sometimes it's followed by breaking wind but just in the last couple of days it's when I have a bowel movement, they made me break sweat they're so intense.

Has anyone had similar experience where the pain has turned out not to be your  hip bones or joints? Please?What else can it be?

—UPDATE: Eventually got to speak with Oncologist about the pain. The xray result shows no fractures, the bone density scan showed my pelvic bones are in really good shape, given the treatments I've had. Still, she's sending me for an MRI scan to have a closer look at the area.  Hopefully I'll get it in a couple of weeks time, I need to know one way or another.



Hi Sharon,

I cannot really help with any advice but wanted you to know, I have been following your story and I think you are incredible. You are always there for other people with excellent support and advice.

I will thinking and praying for you, I really hope they get to the bottom of your symptoms soon.

Sending you big enormous hugs

Mandy xxx


Hi Sharon,

I know how terrifying this must be for you right now, and I'd love to give you a great big hug. Really this could just be something disc related in your spine. Have you been dojng heavy lifting or carrying in the last fortnight? I had a slipped disc donkey's years ago and the first I knew about it was excruciating pain in the hip. It felt like somebody had taken a very long, thin screwdriver out of the freezer and poked it between the ball and socket of my hip joint.

No, that doesn't sound very nice either does it, but not everything is a recurrence, so try to stay positive until Monday at least.

Be lucky


Hi Sharon, I'm really sorry to hear that you still have not got any answers. I can't help you with the hip pain but the stomach pain and incontinence I can sympathise with. I really hope you get good news from your scan today (and you get it soon!). Thinking of you xx


Sue xx

hi Sharon

i've had hip pain on and off since my surgery in aug 2013, and shooting pains in my right hip area.  plus a sensation that when i need to go for a no. 2 i need to go.  TMI

anyway i had a CT scan a month ago and it showed nothing, i have previously also had X rays.

These showed nothing, there is nothing sinister going on in there!

my consultant said just that a lot had happened in that area so it could sill be settling down.

Still knowing its not back i can live with the niggly stuff



Hi Sharon,

How are you now? Did you find out what was causing the hip pain and are you pain free now?

Sue xx

Hello Sue.

Still waiting on mri results!  I rang the oncologists secretary yesterday and she says she will inform the doctor that I'm waiting nervously on the result, hopefully she will prioritise it.  I'm always aware of how busy the doctors are and they are a fantastic team at my treating hospital so I don't like to come across as a pest.

The pain was like somebody playing pinball with my insides - first the left hip, then the right, then the tail bone, then pain the left rib/kidney? area then the right.  Most of the pain has gone now - i feel really confused about it all. However, I feel there is still something wrong in the gynae area - my insides feel so tight, or stretched - such a strange feeling. That along with the bladder issues still worry me - I think the pain moving about inside my body is some sort of warning signal, that I have to get it checked out.

I hope to hear something soon, good news I hope in time for Christmas.



I'm happy to hear that you are no longer in pain but sad that you are still waiting on MRI results! It really is terrible that they delay giving results out, I always ring up and ask for mine and last time my consultant called me back with them! So keep pestering! I know exactly what you mean when you say you have a tight feeling inside as I sometimes feel that as well.

Good luck with your results, I really hope it is good news in time for Christmas,


Take care, Sue x