Lower back pain

Hi everyone,


Have you experienced lower back back pain post treatment?


i started exercising a month after my last radiation treatment in February and within two weeks got a bad back and had to stop.  It went away a few weeks later so I started exercising again and the problem came back.  This went on for 5 months.  Ever time I started exercising my pain came back and if I stopped for a couple weeks the pain went away.  i started to suspect there was more going on then a simple back ache and got a MRI and bone scan done.  It turns out I have sacral insufficiency fractures caused by the radiation therapy on my pelvic region.   I have stopped all exercise since this diagnosis.  I am now 9 months post treatment and still have pain.  I was wondering about other peoples experience with this.  How  long does it take to heal?  Did you do anything to promote healing? 

i would love to hear other people's experience with lower back pain.



I had Lower back pain for 2 years and swimming help tremendously. the water acts like a cushion and I felt no pain whilst swimming. Worth giving it a go, I know it really helped me to relax as well.

my oncologist mentioned Pilates as well but also advisec me to start with one-to-one sessions- at £45 a go, I decided to get back to swimming as it was also recommended and it worked out a lot cheaper!

i now get the occasional backache most women get and I have learnt to understand my body and live with the aftermath of 31 sessions of radiotherapy .


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Hi Foofighter,

sorry to hear your pain has continued in spite of ceasing exercise. I was diagnosed Sept 2014 with 1b1 cc and had a RH followed by chemoradiation in Nov/Dec last year. I have had bone pain off and on and have also been told that I have small sacral fractures as a result of the radiation ( I had 25). I do yoga regularly and find that particularly helpful. I used to run, but have not gone back to it since I think the high impact would be too much for my hips. I also try to do long walks every now and then. The yoga seems to keep me supple, and there are lots of hip opening exercises. I'm not sure what your bone density results were, but I believe your GP can prescribe bone strengthening medication to help with osteoporosis. Because I do not currently have pain, I have not gone down this route, but would not hesitate to ask if it returned. 

Good luck with getting it sorted. 

I suffer really bad with back ache which makes cooking and doing the dishes difficult I can't stand for more than 5 minutes too because of it.