Paying to go private? Advice or experience

Hi Ladies, 

I have had two smears, the first was in December 2012, which showed borderline changes with HPV. I was sent for colposcopy and had punch biposys which came back all clear (this was whilst i lived in Licolnshire) I was then told i would go for screening again in a years time.

My second smear was in January 2014, results came back CIN1 with HPV, referred for colposcopy and had more punch biopsys. Biopsys came back all clear (this was done in Manchester)

When i recieved my results letter it stated that i would be going back to 3 yearly screening, however i dont feel happy about this as i was advised by the hospital in Lincoln that my smears would be yearly. My question is would it be possible for me to pay to have yearly smears? I am terrified of the cells changing further. I am a single parent to a beautiful boy and i am terrified that i could end up with CC. 

Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated xxxx

I had my first lletz and colposcopy done privately, I think you can pay to have a smear at the GPs - my friend paid £45.00 I think.

Thank you for the advice, i will make an appointment with my GP to discuss the option of going privately xxx


When I mentioned to a colleague about the length of time between smears she said she paid privately to have one every year.  Wish I'd thought about that or known about it and I would have done the same.  Definately worth following up if you have any fears or doubts.

Good luck with your future smears.



Do speak to the colposcopy department secretary directly too.  There can be an amount of automation with the systems that the colposcopy secretary can overide.  I keep getting letters that send me back to my GP for my smears, however the hospital consultant is happy to test me at the hosp, so they change it when i ask.  (my GP is awful!)

If the hospital advised yearly then request they update your records and ask they are done at the hosp if the GP will not comply.

You shouldn't have to pay for private unless they really won't help.

Best wishes


I had lettz biopsy in 2010 and had 6 monthly appointment which was clear and told to have  tests yearly for 10 years.  I went yearly and now it's 3 years since last test as keep getting fobbed off saying that the last one was clear.  I had a scan as had bleeding between periods so got sent for a scan which showed small cysts. I'm thinking of going for private smear so I know what's going on. I was told by the doctor my smear test is due in may but they would have to refer if I want it done early!! Really seems stupid,  that they can't do it a few months early considering I've had biopsy in the past! pleashe advise or experience as really down and frustrated with the doctor not listening. thank you