Normal biopsy result (yay!) but still confused


i was very happy to receive a normal biopsy result but slightly confused as I can now go to every 3 years for a smear yet my first smear was borderline with hpv and my smear last year was CIN1 with hpv. 

Has anyone gone to every 3 years following  one normal biopsy result despite having hpv?

thank you 


Hi, that's good news. Personally though I wouldn't be happy with every 3 year,  even with a clear biopsy. 

Yeah, I'd have thought with the HPV it'd be once a year. If discuss this again with your doctor or if unable with your gp. Worst case scenario if you are worried and could afford it I think smears are about £150 privately. I personally would aim for that each year if my doctor/gp didn't let me change to yearly checks. I'm sure they're right and you'll be fine BUT personally I'd spend three years panicking so £150 would be a small price to pay x

As above. Congrats on the normal biopsy result though x

Thank you all for your comments. I spoke to my GP but they have said I can't have a smear every year because I've had one normal result so go to every 3 years even though that's not the protocol :-( 

will have to look into going private x