Three yearly screening

hi ladies, it's my first post on here, just wondered if someone could help me, I had my first smear April 2013' it came back low grade an high risk hpv, after a colposcopy biopsies etc, I had a further smear and colposcopy six months later, the cells had regresseed, brilliant news, the only thing is, I don't want to wait three years for screening so want to go private, the clinics such as Marie stopes etc are not in my area so my question is does anyone, or as anyone been to their go to request a private smear, are the obliged to put you in touch with someone who will do it, I've tried a few private gps in our area, but they all say you have to go through your own, thankyou in advance ladies, and keep well xx

Sorry ladies meant to say GP xx


I would not want to wait 3 years, I am sure they know what they are doing but I think the medics tend to focus so much on the physical and forget the emotional side of things.

Waiting so long for a review seems cruel to me as I would certainly need reassurance before then.

I'm sure there must be something they can do if you are vocal about it. I dont think you should have to pay privately but it certainly is an option. 

The good thing to draw from this is that they feel you are super low risk, and have the same chances of having something nasty as the rest of the general female population :-)




Hi Boo,

I can understand your concerns about waiting 3 years for a smear. I think the previous system of testing annually after treatment was better personally, but things changed since they introduced HPV testing.

I've tried to get a smear at my GP surgery recently. I haven't had a clear smear since the abnormalities started, not even after treatment, so I'd like a 6 month check up rather than just a yearly one. My surgery won't do it, they've told me I have to go to a private hospital (which is more expensive than Marie Stopes).  I don't think they are obliged to refer to people if it's outside the screening programme protocol, but anyone can choose to have it done privately and pay so it's worth talking to your GP.

I don't have a clinic near me so will have to travel, but I'm going to do it for peace of mind (or to catch further changes earlier in my case). 

All the best to you x


Thankyou ladies, I have got an appointment at my GP next week so gonna insist, if not I've had an email today from bupa they will do it for £158, my parents say they will pay it for piece of mind, then if it's ok I will wait the 2 years until my NHS one, take care ladies and thanks again xx

Good for you Boo. I would do exactly the same. I  sure it will be absolutely fine, but you cannot buy peace of mind.