Out of nhs screening and hrHPV+

Hi all, I was first hrHPV positive May 22, still positive oct 22 (Superdrug test) then negative May 23 (nhs) and now positive again dec 23 (Superdrug test). I’m not due to be screened until 2025 on the nhs as I had a negative. I don’t know what to do? I know they won’t screen you early as I asked before. I can leave it that long when I’m positive can I? I’m happy to pay for private colposcopy should I do that annually? Or should I pay for a cheaper private smear? I really don’t know what’s best. In the West Midlands

I I think private colposcopy is very expensive. Maybe in Birmingham there are private smear where they could read smear if it’s positive to check for cells? Xx

Have found a couple of place to do a private smear where they do cytology. £250-280. I’m not sure what happens regarding colposcopy of need it though

Yeah that is a worry isnt it! I think that your local hospital would have to accept a referral from a private doctor, it would maybe be not ethical for the hospital to do nothing if your private test came back abnormal which fingers crossed it won’t!

Seeings as you have been back and forth positive and negative hopefully your body is fighting HPV and therefore avoiding cell changes but it makes sense that you want reassurance x

Hello. Similar to you I’ve been positive last three smears then had a colposcopy. When that returned no cell changes they referred me back to 3 yearly smear. I enquired with the nhs about this and they said it’s basically what they’ve worked out for patients and it’s not that they’ve forgotten it. I’ll find the email and quote below:

You have indicated in your email that “colposcopy only showed inflammation”. Therefore no abnormal colposcopic changes to your cervix were detected at this time, hence the statement from my colleague “Individuals who have an adequate and normal colposcopic examination are at low risk of developing cervical cancer. These individuals are returned to community-based 3 year recall.”

We understand that a return to routine recall can be confusing following a HPV positive test, but we would want to try and reassure you that this action forms part of the colposcopy management guidelines following intensive research into patient outcomes, prior to the implementation of primary HPV testing into the cervical screening programme.

Thanks Lonrah, it’s just so confusing when you are hpv+ you get smears annually but then in some hpv+ cases you don’t? There must be a reason that hpv women are recalled annually and how can they decide some are lower risk and can come every 3 years? I just don’t get it