Past HPV infection and new partner

Hi ladies, 

I was diagnosed with HPV 12 years ago, among others with type 16 and had an operation (cervical loop) sucessfully. After the operation I did not have any serious abnormalities in my pap smear screenings.

My last two smears showed ASCUS and then NILM with signs of infammation. My last colposcopy came back clean.

Sometime in August I repeated the HPV test to identify the types I had and it showed that I no longer had 16 or 18, but had some other types that were not clearly identified (it gave a group of other types such as 31 and 33). This put my mind at ease initially, because I thought that 31 and 33 are not carcinogenic.

About the same time I met my current partner and since HPV was not on my mind then, I did not reveal anything to him. Also because I was not sure at that moment if things would be serious. Then, after a gynecologist telling me that 31 or 33 are also carcinogenic, I realised that I probably should have told him before sleeping with him, so he could decide for himself, but it was already too late. However, ever since then I feel like a horrible person for not revealing it to him.

I also go back and forth all the time whether I should tell him now or not tell him at all, since I have no dysplasia at the moment and it seems like my body has suppresed the virus. And this back and forthe is totally exhausting...

Do you happen to know if I can still give him the virus if it is domant in my own body?

Any input is greatly valued.


Sorry to hear about that . First thing I would do is pray a lot about it for guidance, then I think tell him , ask him nicely if he knows about hpv and that you have been diagnosed with it but dint cross your mind to tell him or something. Let me know how it goes . 

I've got no idea if you can pass the virus despite of it being dormant in your body. As to your other concern, it would be better to disclose to your partner the condition that you have for his safety too. As they say, prevention is better than cure.