Telling your partner about HPV16?

Yearly Colposcopy is coming up... the check is to see how my HPV+ (type 16) CIN 1 has done in the past year... whether it has gone (this will be the end of the 2 year window of clearing itself) or developed further. 

my bf doesn’t know, I got so confused and scared over whether to tell him or not as he might already have it anyway from other previous sexual partners... and wouldn’t know? Something so annoying about that! We were both dealing with a lot last year so didn’t want to add another thing.

When I get the results of this test I will tell him, as it seems right to? Although I worry about how he might worry / in turn about me or then himself. 

now I’m thinking - what if it has cleared, and he’s infected from me / who knows if he was infected before me anyway... do I have a chance of getting it again from him? Is that even possible?

can men get a vaccine for it at all? 

Seems like such dizzy confusing spiral. Don’t know what to think anymore and trying desperately not to worry about it.