HPV 18 and sex from now on. Help!

Hi everyone,


I am about to start my treatment and had an hpv test conducted as part of the procedure. I was told that I have HPV 18 which means I have probably already passed this to my boyfriend as well. Should I be concerned for his health? Does this mean he could potentially develop cancer? I'm so scared. I don't want to be causing him any harm. Also, if one of us clears the infection, is it possible to reinfect one another?  Please if anyone knows anything about this please let me know. 


Thank you everyone for your time!




I asked about this & was told that it generally doesn't affect men, but in very extremely rare instances can cause penile cancer.  The doctor did not seem at all concerned about it affecting my new partner, I have found in general they don't seem to be concerned about it at all.  I on the other hand was openly weeping in front of her.

Going on the impression I have gotten from the doctors I have dealt with through this I would say the risks are exceedingly low for men, & it's more a matter of them passing it on to their partners & it potentially causing cervical abnormalities/cancer for her.

I have asked pretty much every doctor and medical staff I've seen and everyone has said there's no need to worry. It's likely he has had it and cleared it already and even if he does still have it I was told it's not a risk for men like it is women and there's no way of checking either. In terms of reinfecting my oncologist was unsure but said even if that did happen our bodies would likely clear it up. Isn't it so confusing! Please try not to worry though. My boyfriend was worried he'd infected me and caused my cancer, I have spent hours reassuring him that that's not the case! Poor thing. Don't forget that most people get hpv (80%) it's just unfortunate that in some cases our bodies can't clear it properly xx