New relationships and HPV

Hey ladies,


just wondering how have you brought up HPV to new relationships? I'm really hesitant even going into a new relationship because I have to talk about this to them and have no idea how they'd react to it. Just wondering what was your experience been when telling new partners?




Hi Shaz,

I really don't have personal experience here as my Hpv and subsequent diagnosis was all with my now husband. But what I will say is if you tell any new partner and they run for the's their loss and you deserve better! 

If I was going to be having this conversation I would perhaps have some easy to understand research to hand for you to give to them. I would probably allow for an initial negative reaction because it's human nature but only to a certain degree. Just ask that they read the research first before making a decision/judgement.

Good luck XXX 

Jo's trust have small leaflets you can order which describe it really well. They are also free - which is always a bonus! If you look in the shop on the website you will find them there. There is also a really good explanation in the book The Gynae Geek by Anita Sumtra (I may have got her name wrong). Chances are the person you will be talking will already have had HPV or has it but there isn't a test for men. Although I have read about men being diagnosed with HPV if they have head neck or throat cancer - I think they take a swab of their throat/the affected area to test. Maybe dentists should start to routinely test all patients - male and female and then more people generally would know their hpv status. Remember 80% of people have it. I know what you mean though about it being a difficult conversation. 



thanks so much for that advice I'll get some easy to digest info ready. That chat is so daunting, it's putting me off dating altogether, but I keep telling myself 80%of people would of had it during their life span. Still, the talk and possible rejection or labeling really gives me anxiety! 

thanks again for the advice :) really appreciate it 


Hey 55,

this is brilliant - thanks so much for letting me know about the leaflets. There's so much info out there, it's comforting getting the right information from one source. I'll have to have a hunt for that book.


thanks so much again! 

You're welcome!!! Hope it works out for you xxx

Hi Shaz123, I just found out 5 days ago that I am having HPV high-risk virus with LSIL and I am still single and dating one man. Very sad and anxious to tell him about it.

I feel sad in the future  I might be alone forever, as there is no man will want to get the virus.

In the same time I am afraid and  scared to get the coming colposcopy and  I  have no  support from anyone. My family & best friend is at overseas.

Can you share your experience with colposcopy? Was it painful?


Thank you...