Hi everyone just after some advice as having a mad panic and hospital has just sent me a letter but I won’t be able to ring until Monday - argh!

i had trachelectomy in 2015 all clear ever since (touch wood) and I have yearly smears. Had my smear in April and they also took a biopsy as there was some redness and they wanted to confirm It was only scar tissue/granulation.

The hospital wrote to me shortly after with the general review letter to say I had been in, smear done etc and said they would see me in a month but would write with the results.  I just thought that was a typo and why would they want to see me in a month - why so soon and Especially if they don’t have results to discuss? I normally assume they would only want to see me with bad news.

Since then I have had hpv and biopsy results back both fine, there seems to be an issue with the nhs not wanting to test my smear for abnormalities as hpv came back negative (whole other issue) and the hospital said they would discuss the smear at their meeting as they obviously do want it testing.

i have now had the letter come through for an appointment next month. 

Why would they want to see me so soon if they don’t have results?! I normally see them every 6 months.  Panicking like mad! Is it just to check the granulation has improved does anyone think?

sorry for the ramble but any random appointment panics me! :(

Hi tinkerbell86,

I would certainly take the results as being positive, the biopsy and HPV have come back clear/negative which is brilliant news! I can only assume that they haven't checked the smear as the biopsy was taken, and that would over-rule a smear? I'm not sure but negative results are positive. I had granulated tissue at 3-year post Trach..


I am currently in a similar situation - I had a trachelectomy in 2013, had a baby in 2016, and my 6-year check up found a 'spot' its cell changes, but currently waiting for the results of the biopsy, which is killing me! 


I've already had a letter through for an appointment in 6 months time, but now thinking that might be redundant as what happens if the results suck! 


anyway -i shouldn't be rambling on, on your post. 


I hope its just a routine check up for you in a months time -keep us posted xxx


Thanks for replying! :)

they rang me today they have tested the smear and it has come back borderline changes :( 

however they said they will see me back in 1 year! I was shocked because 1) I am still on 6 monthly check ups and 2) why would they leave it that long if they have found borderline changes?

They didn’t even know I had an appointment for 5th June and said they didn’t need to see me then. They do and half like to stress us out and confuse us sometimes.

They said because I am hpv negative they aren’t worried at all but I have asked them to bring the checkup forward so I am going back in 6 months.

hopefully the changes go back to normal soon *fingers crossed*