Worried about colposcopy and HPV positive result

Hi there
I received a letter in the post yesterday saying that I had “borderline changes” and indicated that there was also evidence of a HPV infection.

I didn’t sleep last night and am extremely emotional and tired today - sick with worry.

Has anyone experienced this and if so, what was your outcome?

The letter also stated that I would receive a letter from the colposcopy clinic within 4 weeks to make an appointment. Is that a normal time to wait? Part of me is hoping that it’s not as serious as I originally thought because they are asking me to wait about a month.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much

Hey Lauren! I was in exactly the same boat as you just a few weeks infront! I went for a smear on the 1st dec, recieved letter on 5th to say severe changes (I have been going out my mind with worry!!) thinking about it all the time, not sleeping, thinking what if, a total emotional wreck! I got my appointment for within 2 weeks (I think they get you in a bit quicker than 4 weeks if its high grade so that should make you feel a little more at ease) I was also very worried about the procedure (iv found this site very helpful and everyone really encouraging and not frightening the life out of me about it!) I was worried would it hurt and obviously the results. Anyway iv been today, had colposcopy and it was no where near as bad as I imagined! He looked with the microscope and painted some stuff on so he could see the cells, this didnt sting or burn, I couldnt feel it. He said he could see a small area that explained the smear result but that he was very confident they wernt cancerous, just pre-cancerous. He gave me a local, this stung a bit but id say more uncomfortable than pain (and im a wimp!!) and then he did the LLETZ to remove the area and to send off for biopsy to be on the safe side. I feel so relieved and cant believe iv spent the last 2 weeks worrying myself sick but its only natural. You wont feel at ease totally until its all done but I hope this has reassured you a little. Just remember they are pre-cancerous not cancerous, this is just all done as a precaution. Think positive that theyve found it and are dealing with it so nothing can turn the wrong way in the future. Here if you need anymore advice or have any other questions. Good luck and you will be totally fine :-) 

Ps dont worry about the hpv result, its unbelievably common! Think they say something like 70% of people have it. All my friends who have had colooscopys have tested posotive for hpv, its the main cause for abnormal cells. Iv not had my results yet as they test for that when they do the byopsy but I expect it to come back as positive. My consultant said not to worry about that at all, its really really common :)

Hi Lottie 

Thank you so so much for your post. That has made me feel so much better.

I'm so annoyed with how they word things in these letters.  I have been making myself ill today and I've convinced myself all these aches and pains I have are cancer (I probably had the same pains last week but since I've had the letter I'm convinced I'm seriously ill!! How silly). 

It is a comfort to know that HPV is common. The letters just look so scary. 

Your post has definitely brought me comfort and I hope your results come back all clear and wonderful. Please let me know how you get on. 

Lauren xxx

The letters are really scary, you cant ask a letter questions which makes it so much worse! I can totally relate to the aches and pain thing! I have had a really bad back for months, sends shooting pains down my legs etc so I then convinced myself that these pains where because I had cancer and it had spread! Its awful what you mind does to you, I was so anxious all the time, had to get some beeta blockers from the doctors. It was a very stressful time but please try not to worry, its so much more common than you would think! And the proceudre really isnt that bad and I was dreading it! You would think i was going to the hospital to be put down the morning of my appointment I was a nervous wreck! (Have to admit I even had a little drink before I went to take the edge off, and I dont even drink!!) but it sure helped relax me but probably not reccomended! they will probably just lletz the area there and then, get it sorted and you will be absolutely fine. Let me know how you get on and Ill do the same when my letter comes through :-) ps my consultant and the nurse were brilliant, they really put you at ease. Xx

Also forgot to mention my friend got a letter for borderline changes and just had to go back for another smear in 6 months time, no colposcopy, some doctors do different things, some leave borderline and some refer, so you may well find they wont do anything at all at the colposcopy, and will just keep an eye on you :-) theres borderline, then mild, then moderate and then severe so thats only at the very begining. I wouldnt worry at all. Go and have a lovely christmas and you will be just fine :)