So very frightened

Hello, I’m brand new here so I’m sorry if this has been posted before.
I went for my first smear test the other day as I’m only 24, and explained that I’ve had a bit of bleeding after inter course and between periods. The nurse was lovely and said that all looked normal up there but I bled a LOT with the smear.
I’ve had my letter through saying that I have a hospital appointment for this week - with ‘borderline nuclear changes’ and ‘high risk HPV’. I think I’ve gone into complete meltdown as I’ve seen a lot of you have said - it’s just awful.
My questions are- will the doctor tell me straight away what’s going on because I don’t think I can cope with the stress carrying on over Christmas. And also- should I be worried that they are really bad as it says nuclear changes yet I’ve never had a smear before so there is no comparison?

Please try and calm down, your hospital appointment is for a colposcopy I would guess? It really isn’t anything to worry about, its just so they can get a better look at your cervix and check everything for your health. Borderline changes normally aren’t treated but adopt a wait and wait approach. Borderline changes are not cancer in anyway and you can have high grade changes cin 3 like I had without it changing into cancer so please don’t worry about borderline changes. If they did treat you its pain free and fine. I’m the biggest wimp going and I’m waiting my big op on Friday but believe me all the nurses are so so nice they really are total stars!!
They will be able to tell you more but as ever I’m afraid you will get a wait for results if they treat you, but they may look and say you have nothing to worry about and book another appointment to keep an eye on you which is good.
Your comment " its just awful" what’s awful? The waiting for results is the only awful things really.
Any questions do ask as you will get support on here.

Thank you monster. 

My mind is just on overdrive all the time, its the waiting that's awful just because I don't know whether I'm totally panicking when I don't need to be or if it's just a precaution. Hopefully things will all become clear this week.

you are all so brave, and such special people to help others through times that are probably still very fresh in your mind. 

Hi I can really relate to how your feeling I to am 24 and was honestly devastated that I went for my first smear and I came back as high grade dyskaryosis...honestly I read so much I was convinced of the absolute worst! 

I went for a colposcopy today and the staff where honestly brilliant they explain everything to you, and they give plenty of time to ask questions before and after the procedure, don't be afraid to express your worries to them i said I was afraid there would be something sinister there she then told me after the procedure it's nothing for me to worry but just wait for the results but try and forget about it for now as I now have 3-4 weeks to wait for biopsy result, you have to understand they cannot tell you it's 110% not cancer for legal reasons she did say 99% unlikely tho hah! 

turned out I had moderate changes cin2 whereas I thought it was severe/CIN3 but obviously she can't be entirely sure just yet i thought I had cin3! 

I did look at the screen when she put the solution on and it didn't look nowhere near as bad as what iv seen when iv googled yes I'm a culprit of the googling lol! 

The biopsy wasn't nice but I think I made it worse for myself as I was trying to be calm and brave because I didn't want them to think I was too anxious cos i really did not want a GA but then I just burst into tears after the first biopsy but the second I didnt feel anything 

now it's just the wait and it is the wait that's the worst but I'm someone who's had moderate changes and she's 50:50 wether to treat me or keep an eye on me so please try and not to worry have faith, they know what their doing and it's hugely rare to have cc at our age and yes you don't have a smear to compare to as it's our first and that's pretty devastating and nuclear changes just means their changing into CIN 1-3 it's some that could is what she told me and their aim is to get us back to negative smears this isn't going to be our first smear won't be the last 

hang in there I know how you feel but don't let it ruin your Christmas as its out of your hands now (says the control freak) but honestly if you ask yourself what can I do to make this go away? And the answer is go to your appointment make a plan with them and that's what's happening right now that's your answer and your doing it So there's no more we can do we did our bit by going to our smear and now there are people that are going to help us get back to clear ones and they do that ever day 

itll all be over soon and your going to be fine! Stay positive 

lots of love xx

My story is similar to yours had been having pain and bleedings after sex for ages then had my first smear at 24 which found mild changes. Biopsy confirmed cin3 which I had a LLETZ for 2 weeks ago. Found out my results and they're happy they got everything so just need a snear in 6 months. I won't say don't worry because it is worrying! But keep yourself as occupied as you can. all the best xx