Waiting is making me over think

After having a colopscpy and being told I will need laser treatment as the Abnormal cells are also on the vaginal wall I was told it is normally a 2-3 week timescale for treatment. I got the inpatient waiting list letter a few days after and I'm now at the end of week 4 and still no word on when I'm having treatment. Now I'm playing everything over in my head as to why I'm still waiting, one day I'm thinking well it can't be that bad if they are happy to wait for treatment and the next I'm thinking what if they saw something and are now waiting for biopsy results before doing treatment? But then if that was the case then would they not have put it through as urgent? Which brings me back to thinking I'm just over thinking everything and I'm sorry I didnt go to the appointment with the knowledge I have now or I would have asked more questions. Its the not knowing that's the worst. I don't really have any one to talk to about all this, my partner is great but he won't talk about it and just says to see what happens and my mum is the type to make everything worse rather than better so I have had to play it down when I say to her or she will just think the worst case possiblex

shelly it would have been marked as urgent had they seen something while doing the colposcopy .. you would know by now, i would say its more a case of not needing you in urgently. they quite possibly have your biopsy results back, id say its more than likely n are just taking their time getting back to you :)


Hi thanks for the reply, hospital rang on Tuesday and I'm booked in for tomorrow morning for my laser treatment under ga. Hopefully I will find out results etc tomorrow then I can put my mind at rest x