Hi I’m a newbie

anyway been having pain for months In my stomach and a hell of a lot of bleeding over 7 periods since christmas alone . Went to my drs and she referred me for a early smear test I am 24 .

results came back abnormal severe dyskarosis

coloscopy was next … yup had the cells removed . was in a lot of pain later that day and days to come then came that dreaded smell yup I have an infection so I’m on antibiotics . Now I am literally gushing blood and in so much pain it feels like I’m in labour and it is just not going away .

I really don’t know what the hell is going on

singe mom to a 5 year old and I’m actually scared is this normal or not . I don’t know how I’m meant to cope with this I thought after a week I would be getting back to normal I have already had two days off work last week and then went back for 3 . Now I’m due back in tomorrow and I’m dreading how I will cope , my job isn’t one you can rest in . Any advice anyone ? Please X

smear test : 4th Feb 16
smear results : 12th Feb 16
coloscopy: 23rd Feb 16
results : awaiting

Hi, I've had colposcopy but no treatment yet so I don't have experience of that but if you're in this much pain it sounds like you need to go back to your GP. They will sign you off work if you need more recovery time (explain that your job is physically demanding and that you have a young child at home if necessary) and they'll be able to give you proper medical advice. You might also want to call the colposcopy department where you were treated. You can usually speak to a nurse who would also be able to give you better advice than I can about the pain and bleeding! I'm a single mum too and I know how hard all this is with the extra worry and tiredness. Lots of love to you, hope you're feeling better soon xxx