Hi, I've been suffering from bleeding between periods, painful sex and lower back pain for a while but can't pin point when it started.  My 18 month old son has been ill this year and I have been so focused on getting him better that I hadn't really noticed my own symptoms (I had endometriosis when I was younger so I'm used to irregular bleeding and pains).  I was due a smear test but because I am bleeding so frequently it was impossible for them to do it.  The GP took a look at my cervic and noticed an abnormailty so has referred me for an emergency coloscopy/biopsy which is scheduled for next week. I have had a coloscopy in the past after an abornal smear but everything came back clear but I'm not sure what happens during the biopsy process. I started reading online but the more I read the more scared I became and thought it might be better to talk to someone who has experienced it that read medical jargon online.  I've just had a text from the NHS appointment line so I haven't spoken to anyone about it and I'm not sure what to expect. Should I take pain killers beforehand? Also, how long does it normally take to get your results? I'm be grateful for any advice/reassurance as I am absolutely terrified about what the results will bring x

I took  2 x paracetamol before mine coz I was told I would probably need the lletz treatment.  I got my results 4 weeks and 1 day later confirming high grade changes but not actual cancer. They will be able to tell you more at the colposcopy and hopefully treat you the same day if needed. Try not to worry, I know thats easier said than done and stay off Google,  if you need to talk we are all here for you hunni xxx

Hi - I took paracetemol before mine so no harm to do that anyway. I was terrified when she told me she was going to take a biopsy as I was in the middle of the colposcopy and braced myself for pain. BUT the pain didn't come, I looked up and noticed she was packing everything away and I said oh is that it? Of course, the second time I went in I was just as afraid and AGAIN was "surprised" when ithe biopsy didn't hurt. The whole thought of it is so much worse than what actually happens. 

I had LLETZ today and I must admit getting the local anaesthetic did hurt a bit, I cried but not from the pain, just because its not nice people messing with that area. I asked could I bring my phone in to concentrate on something else and I read the trashy stories on the daily mail app. I think it helped a bit :-)

My biopsy results took 7 weeks, but usually if it looks serious they will get back to you sooner. Best of luck hunny, you're not alone xxx

Thanks for your messages! That is reassuring, I'll take some pain killers and a magazine to distract me x