Still in pain

 hi to anyone here, new to site and i feel doctors don't care.1 week ago I had a scan on my ovaries and cervix and a camera inserted into it as well. ( why was I born a woman again). 11days ago today I had a colposcopy ( being scraped all around the cerfix and tube thingy into the womb, that gave me stomach cramps similar to 1st contractions) 4 days prior to that I had my cervical smear test. I have been having stomach pains and soreness in my abdomen 4 weeks before I booked my smear test. This is the first smear in 14yrs. ( I know I'm bad). I've had lectures from my husband. My problem is the wait for the colposcopy results is 4-6 weeks, but my pain seems to be getting worse and beneath my rib cage aches, my back and arse ache. ( excuse the term). I feel shit basically. Rang doctor up yesterday and he said they are waiting on the gynecolgyst review, please what does that mean, is it meaning wait 4-6 weeks. Is the ache in my chest anxiety maybe, ( my husband says so). I feel like my bladder is still full and only wee a little, feel bloated after eating small meals I had a tummy scan that showed nothing in my womb, it's my tummy that hurts, maybe it's nothing to do with my womb, it's so stressful just waiting. I'm taking paracetamol but it don't touch the pain n cramps feeling and aches. a really lovely friend of mine died of ovarian cancer cause it got into her stomach. 6 months from her smear test to the scan and it was too late. She lived exactly 18 month, and she was a wonderful person, kindly natured and saw good in everyone. I know I'm just worried.

Hi Sarah,

I hope you are feeling better by now!

I also hope that you kept calling an along your GP! It won't hurt to keep giving them a nudge, especially if you are in pain.

You are clearly anxious as you lost a dear friend to cancer. I am sorry for your loss.

As you said, you had a scan, which showed nothing. Stress  and anxiety can manifest in so many ways, just try to relax and take it easy! And of course, keep calling the GP!

Keep is updated! X