Symptoms and Colposcopy

I’m not sure if anyone can help because or has experienced something similar. I have been feeling unwell for the past 8 months with pelvic pain and stomach bloating that isn’t related to anything I’ve eaten ( as in I look 9 months pregnant). The pain has been progressively getting worse and I’m taking more and more painkillers. I’ve been to gastro and that has been ruled out. I’ve now had a smear and it was incredibly painful and unlike what I have experienced in the past, there was alot of bleeding and the lady who did it told me that my cervix was really delicate and as soon as she touched it there was bleeding, the worst she’d ever seen. The results came back as abnormal and severe. I had a Colposcopy and it was horrific, it was so painful and I honestly screamed and cried so much, I only got through it with morphine and gas and air. Again, there was alot of bleeding and I was told that the cells were precancerous. I’m now the day after and I have a fair amount of bleeding and the pain I had has intensified.

Hi, I’m in a similar situation to you. My colposcopy was awful and so painful but I wasn’t offered pain relief even though I had Lletz at the same time. I’m a little disappointed about that now looking back! At least it’s done with now. I honestly don’t think I could go through that again! I’ve since seen my gp due to my pain, I have a water infection and brushing inside. My procedure taken over 1 hour and was horrendous! I’ve been in bed most of the day and night since I had it done last Tuesday.
I have antibiotics and codine now which are helping but not eliminating.
It might be worth asking your gp for pain relief?
I hope you feel better soon,
Sending well wishes x


Thank you for your response. I’m so sorry that you had a bad experience too. I have some pain relief from my GP from the pain that I’m in already before the colposcopy. I don’t think I could cope with that again either! I feel like I just keep being dismissed and at this point I’m considering seeing a consultant privately.

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So unfortunately my results have come back and cervical cancer has been confirmed. Not having more blood tests and a CT to check if it’s spread then I will be waiting for someone to contact me and tell me what stage I’m at and what the treatment plan is going to be. To say that I I have been devastated overnight is an understatement.

Hi Emj85

So sorry to hear your news, it’s not the easiest news to hear. Silly question but are you ok?
What exactly did they say to you regarding results? Xx

Hi Kimmy,

I’m not sure how I feel! I was very logical to begin with and now I’m really emotional it’s all so overwhelming. The Macmillan nurse called me today to see if I am okay which helped. They said it’s been caught early which is good, they’ve sent it somewhere else for a second opinion and they will confirm the stage that I’m at. I’ve been sent for more blood tests and a CT scan. I’ll likely have a fill hysterectomy and then possibly radiotherapy.

Hi Emj85

Just wondering how you’re doing? I went to the doc after one bleed and was referred urgently.I had no pains then but now over the past few days I’ve developed the worst abdo and pelvic and leg pain. Have my gynae apt tomorrow and am beside myself with worry.

Most posts I read are about bad bleeding and not the pains.

Anyway I hope you’re ok.x

Hi Sooz,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this. I’ve just been discharged from hospital after a week as I’ve had my surgery which was a radical hysterectomy with lymph nodes removal but full abdomen rather than Key hole. I have to say that my brain did settle a little beforehand and the knowledge that I have cancer kind of was just reality. There have been very few emotional melt downs recently. I accepted that I have it , it’s awful and I wish it were otherwise but I’m focusing on treatment and pain relief and every part of me is convinced that I’ll be recovering. I chose the most aggressive treatment option, in my mind going nuclear was the only choice to give me my best chance! I’m still not sure of if I’ll need any other treatment at this point, they’ve sent everything removed to histology to see if it’s spread more that what the scans showed and I’ll know more in two weeks. For now, I’m back in my own bed and catching up on some much needed rest and following all of my physio exercises . I think everyone deals with a cancer diagnosis differently but being in told I have it was like my world was ending! If you do get the diagnosis ( and I really am wishing you the best and I hope you don’t!!) Just know that your brain will likely go into self preservation mode a bit! Make sure you have people around you for support and take advantage of Macmillan and this site to connect with people.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. It is a relief to connect with people who understand. Think I’d be the same as you on the going nuclear approach!

Sending you lots of best wishes and healing thoughts for a speedy recovery. Xxx

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