Severe pain & discomfort. Desperate for some advice and positivity!

Hi all. Apologies in advance for the long winded post, just hoping that someone can reassure me.

I’ll start by saying that I’m not usually a pessimistic person in regards to my physical health, but my body continues to worry me. I have a son who turns 11 in two weeks, and a daughter who turned 1 last month. My children are my ultimate reason for living and breathing and I know that naturally goes without saying for any mum but my fear of leaving them without me, terrifies me to the core. So I guess I’m just looking for a friend or some comfort.

A brief history of my health:-

I gave birth to my son in May of 2012. He was a healthy and relatively pain free water birth.

In March 2019 I had my first smear, aged 27. I tested positive for HPV and abnormal cells so was sent for colposcopy. Before the appointment I was told I was at stage 3 (not sure what she meant by this) so they needed to do a biopsy. During colposcopy the cells on my cervix were clearly visible, I had LLETZ treatment and my results came back ok.

Check up smear 6 months later which was apparently all clear.

Gave birth to my daughter March 2022. My pregnancy was very lethargic and I became depressed with it. I also had a horrendous birth. I was in hospital on the induction ward when I awoke in absolute agony. I called for the midwife who proceeded to tell me I wasn’t even dilated or in labour so shouldn’t be in this much pain. Five minutes later I told her I needed to push whilst screaming in fear, so she told me to lie on my back and calm down as though I was crazy. I lay on my back but then my waters exploded all over her and out popped a lifeless baby. Cue alarm bells and another 20 odd people rushing to our aid, my daughter is now a happy and full of life little diva!

After my post birth bleed my periods haven’t gone back to normal. With each period I have bled for over 7 days, but the time in between each has been getting longer and longer. My most recent cycles I was without a period for 5 weeks, then 5.5 weeks, and most recently 7 weeks. They have also been quite painful and for the first time ever I experienced light spotting in between, which I just put down to hormones.

I came on my period yesterday and honestly the pain is excruciating. I was up all night with it. Not only am I suffering cramps but I’ve got severe shooting pains inside my vagina and I’m even struggling to walk. The pain also radiates around my lower back.

I should also mention that for the past 6 or so months, sex has become more of a discomfort and the past few times especially, have nearly reduced me to tears.

I was diagnosed with anaemia back in November last year as my lethargy was still prominent and I felt extremely unwell, this was treated with tablets and bloods have been getting more stable since, although my red blood cell width still remains high.

I was at the doctors early Feb for a UTI after having sex. Prescribed antibiotics for this which took over a week to clear up.

I was also diagnosed with chronic gum disease in February even though I’ve always had very good oral health.

I can’t remember the year but it was more than two years now, that I was diagnosed with patella femoral syndrome, I get really bad pain in my left knee which is exasperated with walking/ driving etc.

I’ve also been getting a couple of sores, almost blister like, on the outside of my lady bits which have been embarrassing but seem to clear up on their own.

I know the majority of these symptoms are or can be related to cervical cancer and I just feel like I’m losing my marbles over it.

I was in for my most recent smear on the 11th of April, but during that the nurse told me I had quite a bit of discharge so I may need to be retested, hoping this isn’t the case as it causes me pain. She also said that I should have my results within 2 weeks but I’m still awaiting the letter.

Can anyone please tell me that I’m overthinking too much or just put my mind at ease? Or should I be this worried?

It’s extremely rare I visit the doctor’s as I hate to be a burden or be judged. I also don’t like wasting anyone’s time. So most concerns I just put to one side and deal with on my own.

I think the symptoms that are making me worry the most are my irregular periods, pain during intercourse and the fact that I’ve been up all night this time round in severe pain. I know that cervical cancer can take years to develop but I’ve also read many stories on here and elsewhere of women being diagnosed after consistently regular clear smears, along with awful stories of being misdiagnosed etc etc.

So If you’ve read this far then thank you so much. And if you have any advice or suggestions I will gladly welcome them as I patiently await my smear results. The fear of not knowing what’s causing my symptoms is becoming unbearable!

Wishing you all the best on whichever journey you are on xx

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Request an ultrasound. You may have fibroids. Every pap I ever had was clean even my most recent. The tumor is in an odd place for me. They still don’t know if it’s cervical or uterine. Def do not just let it go. They need to get this figured out and if not an ultrasound tell them you want an MRI

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Yes I’ve booked a GP appointment for next Wednesday as I am really worried something isn’t right. I’m just hoping it isn’t something serious. They offered me an ultrasound when I last went with a UTI as it wasn’t clearing up quick enough, but me being me didn’t end up going back to book it in as it eventually cleared.
So you had clear smears but you’ve now got a tumour? How did you find out about that?
You must be really anxious waiting for a diagnosis.

I started having pain in late January. I thought it was a fibroid. That’s what the ultra sound said. I also had clear discharge and I’m post menopause. I’m working with a regular hospital but also a specialist at u Penn in Philadelphia because the tumor is off to the side