pain that won’t seem to go away after a colposcopy biopsy



I was wondering if anyone had any advise. I had a colposcopy just over 3 weeks ago and a biopsy taken. The nurse said it would be fine in a day or so once the bleeding stopped and I could carry on as normal. It took about 4 days to stop feeling uncomfortable in the area that the biopsy is taken. I’ve found that after sex I also have a dull, slightly  burning pain in the area where the biopsy is taken, which last a few days. Having been told everything would be fine after a day, I’m slightly concerned this isn’t normal and I may have picked up an infection. After 3 days of feeling pain I have called the colposcopy clinic, but was told there would be no one to answer questions until Friday. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance x 


I was told no baths or sex for 5 week and no gym for 2 weeks I would ring the doctors just to check everything is healing ok xx


it is possible that you may have a small infection after a biopsy. I would suggest that you go see your GP for a review if it doesn't get any better soon.