Hpv and borderline smear, white areas on colposcopy.. And then

One cervical biopsy was taken and that came back normal and one month later I am now having painful sex when it gets to high andbleeding everytime! Do I need a second opinion?

I too was told not to have sex for a month after my colpo (no problem as no fella lol). Maybe the area where the biopsy was taken is still a little sore/raw & needs more time to heal. I guess if you avoid sex for a little longer, try again & then if the problem persists get another opinion. However I am no medical professional & if you are at all concerned pop to your GP for a quick check-up. I hope it soon gets back to normal for you. hugs

Amy, How long after your colposcopy did you start having sex? You're supposed to not have sex for a few weeks afterwards - some hospitals say a fortnight, some say 3-4 weeks. 

Annabel. x