Pain & bleeding - primarily after smear

hi everyone,

sorry if there is another post on this but wanted to ask myself. 

I had my first smear test 3 weeks ago and it was complete agony. I previously had an ovarian cyst and had it removed roughly 10 years ago, so have had similar tests in the past but this was awful. Before the smear I was having what I would call 'normal' 'irregular' bleeding - I am on the contraceptive pill and do not have periods normally, but had a few periods lasting a week/10 days which while irregular, were normal in the sense that they weren't too heavy. I did have two periods in December. I have recently started bleeding after sex with my partner of 4 years, stupidly didn't really think anything of it and carried on as normal. Had the smear test, severe-moderate pain several days later. 3 weeks on from the smear test and I'm still in a fair amount of pain. It's like an intermittent scratch and scrape feeling throughout the day, occasional burn from passing urine, and (maybe stupidly) had sex with partner for valentines but it was so painful we had to stop and have been bleeding since - nothing too heavy I should add. Occasionally when I cough, laugh or sneeze I can feel 'it' down there. I live in such a small village and it's difficult to get a doctors appointment. The earliest one I can get is 5th March so wondering if anyone has ever experienced something similar? I know you shouldn't but google is such a dangerous thing and am thinking the worst. I'd feel really stupid if I went to the doctor and they said it was nothing but equally don't want to put it off any more. Thank you.