Bleeding after smear


hi everyone, I'm new on here but have been hovering around for the last months due to worrying symptoms I've been experiencing (post coital bleeding, pain, irregular periods etc) any way.. I went for my first smear on Monday, it's now wednesday evening and I have bled ever since, pretty heavily and with clots. Sorry tmi.  i have already seen a doctor regarding the other symptoms and have been referred to the gynaecologist (who I'm seeing tomorrow morning) and have had an ultrasound and Internal examination Which they said my cervix looks inflamed and there's something on it. Basically I'm just panickin about it all. Is the bleeding normal after a smear? I don't want to google, especially not with all my other symptoms. sorry for the rant. Thanks for any advice or kind words. 




Hiya Kezzybee,I recently had a smear test and when the nurse touched my cervix with the brush it caused it to bleed. She then went on to say that it may come back as inadequate (which it did) and now i have to go for another smear at the end of July. She did mention a cervical ectropion which is like a slight erosion on the cervix and that this is perfectly normal. Try not to worry about the utlrasound and if anything isn't quite right they will tell you and talk to you about it. hope that this helps

Hi beckster thanks for your comment. 

I had the ultrasound and they could see a 4cm ovarian cyst so I have to go back in 6 months. The gynaecologist I saw the other day has referred me for a colposcopy as she says my cervix is unusual. Glad its going to be seen to as I hate all this waiting. Hopefully it's erosion as you say. Thanks very much xx