Abnormal cells and bleeding

Hi, this is my first post here and I really need some advice or reassurance. I'm 25 and the result of my first smear has just come back as abnormal. Im waiting to find out the date of my coposcopy but I'm terrified as I've had some bleeding and pain during/ after sex for about 6 months. Is this more than likely cancer or could something else be causing this?

I can't help but think the worst.

Thanks in advance,

Lottie x

Hiya, There are lots of different reasons that you can bleed after sex and have pain. I know it's difficult but please don't jump to the conclusion that it's cancer. It could be that there are some cells there that aren't quite right and they will remove them and test them if they feel the need to do that. It is very unlikely at this stage that you will have cancer. Deep breaths until you get your letter telling you when your colposcopy will be and when you do get your letter perhaps take a friend with you so you will feel more at ease. Hope that you get on okay xx

Thanks so much for the message beckster! It helped to keep me calm while I waited for my appointment. Had my colposcopy today and have been told it's CIN 2. The doctor took a biopsy which will take 2-4 weeks to get the results of. Once they're back I should be able for treatment. Will probably get cold coagulation as it causes less damage to the cervix apparently. So another month of waiting but hopefully should be fine soon!