pain after op

so ladies i had my radical hysterectomy 10 days ago. i am healing really well except for my legs. i was in surgery for6.5 hours and i had swolen legs after. but the pain in my legs has not stopped its more towards the bottom they hurt to touch and when i walk. any ideas ?? im still wearing my lovely surgical socks and usingvthe injections. thanks

Keep walking Hon, and elevate them higher than your heart when sitting down. It is probably lymph fluid which needs to find a new route after node removal. Best of luck xxx

thankyou :)) xx

If you can be imagi be what position you were in for surgery it may well be muscle strain. Also either your back or legs take up the slack after a RH while your stomach muscles heal. is it an ache? Rather than a shooting pain? Maybe some gentle massage would help? Hope it eases soon.