4 days post radical hysto

hello everyone this is my first time posting in this particular forum...I'm 4 days post op of a keyhole radical hysto..I just wanted to ask has anyone else suffered with groin pain/ache..I have had lymph nodes removed so I expected some discomfort but as well as the dull ache my left leg is rather numb all the way down to my foot and I don't really have any control over it! I did raise my concern before I left hospital and they said because I'd been in theatre for nearly 7 hrs that it was probably due to the position I was in for such a long time..I have to say the recovery from the op is far easier than my leg/groin pain! so intrested  know if anyone has had a similar experience.


kay x


I had keyhole radical hysterectomy just over 4 weeks ago now and I too had a lot of leg and groin pain. I found my right leg to be the worse. I had really numb thighs especially my right one and a lot of shooting pains in my groin area. It has eased of a lot now but did take a good few weeks before it got better. 

Hope you are feeling better soon. Rest as much as you can. x

Hi Kay 

its done!!!! Well this is super news. The cancer has been removed and now your groin/leg is wondering where the demon has gone!!! Joking.....

i have not had this surgury but from reading many stories this sounds completely normal. You have had pulling and cutting and dissection to your lymphnodes and whole pelvic area and I'm 100%sure that some nerves have been roughed up a bit so this kind of pain is to be expected. 

Rest up as life is waiting for your return. 


im so proud of you!,also.... It is lovely to see you in this forum 

Hi lolli...yes everything crossed that it has gone!! wont have results for a couple of weeks but my doctor said they could see no eveidence of anything once they had taken it all out so I'm hoping and praying this is the end of this for me and I won't have to follow up with chemorad!

as you know its been a long time coming and without you lolli I really don't think that I would of managed this journey! 

I will be eternally grateful xxxxx

hope your well and living life to the max....I know I certainly do intend to from now on!

lots of hugs 

kay xxx

Hi Thankyou for your input and reply..I had guessed it was all pretty much normal but just find it strange that my leg is bothering me more than the actual op site lol....guess rest and time will do the trick!

thanks again 

Kay xxx


I had numb thighs for a few days after my trach it was a weird sensation but it did go away so think its normal. I totally didn't know to expect it and was a little freaked out to begin with. Hope recovery is going well for you otherwise xx