4 weeks post R/H

Good evening ladies,

Well I have moved up the forum from newly diagnosed to treatment so though I would make a post about the Radical Hysterectomy I had 4 weeks ago.

After quita a long op - I went down at 9am and got back to the ward at 5pm!! was really quite sick on the morphine :-( they had me out of bed within a couple of hours just to stand and change into my sexy nighty..... The following morning out of bed for all my meals - still with my lovely catheter attached. On the wednesday catheter was removed first thing and was able to pee almost straight away could have come home that night if it hadn't been for a slightly lazy bladder that was not quite emptying when scanned. On the thursday morning taught how to self-catherertise and then in the afternoon I came home. During my stay all I took for pain was paracetomal and ibu as neither the morphine or tylennol agreed with me.

The only thing that I can honestly say has caused me any real trouble is the CONSTIPATION!!!!! ok I have IBS anyway and I am sure this didnt help but the discomfort from trapped wind and constipation was terrible - and even now 4 weeks later it is not 100% back to normal so my advice for you ladies facing this op is DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS and EAT LOADS OF FIBRE and the other thing I found was keep on the move as much as you can even if it is just walking around the house it just gets your bowel going.

The pain has overall not been to bad if you can stay on top of pain relief - if anything the worst pain for me has not been from the scar which by the way was glued with internal dissovable stitches but the pain from having the lymph nodes and ligaments in my groin area removed and having to sleep on my back has caused me to have a dull backache - for some reason I couldnt sleep on my side the pain was just a lot worse.

On a few days I know I have over done it and paid for it later in the day with a dragging sensation and very swelly belly but I get so bored sat doing nothing!!! .

Found out that the cancer was present in 3 lymph nodes in total but we were sort of expecting this because of the aggressive type of cancer I have and yesterday I met with the doctors to discuss my next step which is chemo-radiation for just over 5 weeks - they were really pleased with how well I was recovering and did not seem unduly concerned and I did have small but clear margins around the tumour - had my planning CT whilst I was there and finally got myself a couple of tatoos lol... treatment will start after easter.

Today was a huge milestone for me - I am finally back in my normal knickers!!!!!!

Best wishes and all the best as you go forward with treatments.



Have just read the message I left above and cannot believe the number of spelling mistakes - my english teacher would have a fit!!! x



I’m at 8 and a bit weeks post op and I recognise everything you’re writing about.I found using a pillow to support my tummy when I lay on my side was helpful, especially a v shaped one.

The constipation was absolutely terrible but I did find that taking a stool softener really helped (‘Dulcoease’ from the chemist, although if you have had IBS you should probably check with your GP first) along with a laxative prescribed by my doctor (‘Laxido’ or ‘Movicol’). I waited until I was absolutely desperate before I asked for help and still don’t know why I was such an idiot. All I can think is that you just aren’t always thinking straight after all this.

The swollen belly thing is awful though isn’t it? Hopefully our tummies will be back to normal soon. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the next phase of treatment - you sound positive and focused and I reckon you’ll do well (of course, that could just be the knicker effect!). Keep in touch xxx

Thank you so much for posting your experiences, really helping me to know what to expect this week.

Keep strong ladies xxx