Day 4 after Radical hysterectomy!

Day 4 after Radical hysterectomy and removed lymph node! Keyhole. Happy to of kept my ovaries…
Feeling very sore and uncomfortable but I’m pleased to tell you I was given the all clear yesterday!!
Best 60th birthday present for my mum. Who has been my absolute rock.

Hi Kelly, 

Great to hear from you!  So pleased it has gone well for you, bet you are so relieved.  Now you can concentrate on your post op recovery.

Take care.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Cheryl I'm so happy... i have to admit I'm still in a lot of pain but I don't care. Because I'm free from that disease. I've had to come home with a catheter as my consultant like bladders to have a rest after surgery. But that's a very small price I'm paying compared to what could have been hey!!! The relief when my consultant came to see me yesterday was a feeling I will never in my life forget!! Thank you for your message it's so nice to know people care xx hope your doing well too x

Hi Kelly

I am so so pleased for you.  The catheter will soon be out and you will feel more normal.  The pain and soreness will start easing soon too although obviously it will take a time yet to heal so won't go completely yet.  As you say, its a small price to pay!

I am doing good thanks.  Had my 6 month check up on Friday and although I have got to wait for the results of my vault smear, my consultant said everything had healed nicely and was looking good.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

I had the best night sleep last night in months. Pain free and reasonable comfortable. Woke up this morning in a little bit of pain but soon sorted it by dosing up on pain killers.

I’m so pleased that your are healing well and everything appear ok… But I am thinking of you and have my fingers crossed for your result!!

Love Kelly x