Groin pain

Hi all and a very happy new year to all of you wonderful ladies, without whom I'm not sure I'd have made it to the end of the year!

i am 7 1/2 weeks post ARH, with nodes out (29 apparently!) and recovering slowly but surely. However I have been having horrible pains in my groin, mostly the left side, about where my Big Pant elastic sits. Feels a bit like cramp, only more painful. Have started going commando!!! 

Dr google has, as always, placed me firmly at death's door. But have any of you heard of this, or had it? I think there might be a bit of a lump too, but my body feels like like a stranger's so who knows. Not that I feel many strangers' bodies!!!! 

I am pretty desperate to avoid the whole 111/out of hours/a and e nightmare again if I can help it.


Molly xxx

Hi Molly

I know how seductive he is but you really have to harden your heart to Dr Google! ;)

I'm so sorry to hear about your groin pain and hope someone a bit further along than me comes along reassure you. I'm pretty sure 111 will send you to A&E because I think that is their default setting! With what's gone on in your groin it's hardly surprising it's so sore. I have been cutting the groin elastic off my Big Girl Pants and they're much more comfortable. I hated going commando when I had a catheter in for 9 days. How I longed for a gusset!!

It's a rough old ride, isn't it? Hope you get some relief/reassurance soon. Sending hugs!

Kirsty xx


Hi Mollz,

I'm a year next week post op RH & i still have problems with my groin & swelling/lumps etc, mine was at the right side, ive been checked out by oncology & assured it's scar tissue & that it will settle down in time, hope this helps a little

MMandy xx

Thank you both!!! I will sleep slightly easier, Mandy. Good idea about cutting the elastic, Kirsty. I find myself pulling at it in a very attractive manner! 

Molly xxxx

Hello Molly,

Let's not beat about the bush here honey, you have recently undergone some major butchery, of course your li'l ol' bod wants to complain a bit. Its got to get used to a new wiring diagram and everything! Even now, three years down the line I sometimes feel like someone has just pulled a string sharply. So don't bother rushing yourself down to A&E unless you want to compare Christmas trees, I'm sure it can wait until your GP is happy to see you.

Take it slow


Hi Molly

I had my ops on 8th and 25th October 2013 and it was just before Christmas last year that I had awful groin pains.   A nurse friend told me it was the nerves knitting back together and this was confirmed by my consultant on my next appointment.  It sure takes a while for the bod to settle down to anything remotely normal.  I still get the occasional pain too like Tivoli above.

As for the big pants, I bought them in a bigger size so they were more comfortable! So it was even bigger big pants!!!

Good luck with your healing, if you are still unsure just get it checked out with your GP.



Thanks girls, 

does feel like something has been beating around the bush, tiv!!! ;-) bit better now but cannot believe how long this is taking, I still don't feel even slightly recovered almost 2 months down the line.

Molly xxx

Hi girls


i have had pain on and off and am 17 months post RH. I was even sent for a CT scan - nothing there... As my consultant said a lot went on in there and has to settle down. So  just living with it..