Pain after LLETZ

I had LLETZ done on Wednesday 18th (smear showed borderline changes and positive HPV, then biopsies from Colposcopy showed CIN 3). 

I had no pain during the procedure or in the few days afterwards. Bleeding only lasted a couple of days and now it’s just a lot of pinky watery discharge (with a strong smell, but I’ve read that’s pretty normal...). 

But I’ve had moderate pain all day today in my lower abdomen and lower back - like really strong period pains. I did expect pain, but more so after the procedure - not  starting 4 days after it... I don’t have a temperature so I don’t think it’s an infection, but is it normal/OK for the pain to be delayed like that? 

THank you :-)


hi Memmaj,


im not sure if that's normal but my gyno told me if i got really strong unbearable pains after the colposcopy or bleedin that is heavier than my heaviest period bleeding day then to call her or go in to hospital. I would ring her up and see.

Don't wait if things get worse.



Hi Memmaj,

Hope you are feeling better now!

Did you contact your GP in the end? 

I had the same diagnosis and treatment as you.

It was only on day 4 or so when I noticed a bad smell which turned out to be a bacterial infection.

I would contact your doctor, if for nothing, just peace of  mind. X


thank you for your replies - I’m still having the ‘period pain’ type pains- the smell isn’t as strong but I think that’s because the discharge has been replaced by bleeding again lastnght and today (fresh red). The nurse who did the Colposcopy really didn’t tell me anything so I’m a bit cliesless about what’s normal and what’s not... I haven’t contacted the doctor as I don’t have a temperature or anything so don’t think it’s infection...

(it’s definitely not my Period)

I did go to the GP a few days after my last post as the pain was getting very bad. Turns out I did have an infection!

Glad you got sorted, I've been lucky so far I think, had the LLetz 2 weeks ago and the same kind of bleeding but no pain (probably jinxed myself now!).