pain after lletz

 I had lletz on Wednesday as my biopsy came back as cin3....although the nurse had said from looking it looked more like cin1-2.

I had a bit of period type pain on Friday and Saturday and had a bath which eased the cramps.

I woke up yesterday (sunday) with swollen glands/sore throat and had a bit of lower back pain similar to pre period pain. 

I had another bath today as I just felt awful with cramps and feeling a bit weird. Read through my colposcopy booklet

and realised it said to not have a bath for 2 weeks after the procedure. I don't know if I've caused an infection by sitting in the bath.

the discharge has been a bit whiffy for the past few days.....kind of like what your waters smell like. And it's been a bit gritty which I had expected anyway.


Anyone else experienced something similar?

Hi there 

Yes I have experienced similar .I had the bad smelling discharge exactly as you described . Also with this was pain in my lower back, stomach cramps  but I also had pain in my legs and felt out of sorts ..  I would advise maybe to speak to your doctor or hospital as any bad smell and in my case heavy bleeding could be a sign of infection . Don't ignore it like I did :-( it may be that you may need some antibiotics . 

It's awful not having a bath but I stuck to the booklets advice and actually didn't bathe for quite a few weeks just to be on the safe side and had showers instead.

I hope this has helped a bit and that you feel better soon 


Sounds like an infection to me. Maybe phone the hospital for advice or make an appointment to see GP.

Hope you feel better soon x