Pain or infection after Lletz?


Firstly - I'm new here and have been finding this forum a great source of comfort and information, so thank you!

Two weeks ago I found out that my smear results had come back stating high grade severe dyskaryosis. A week ago I paid privately to have a colposcopy where they performed LLETZ treatment under local anisthetic. I was told a 'small patch' of cells had been removed and I would get my biopsy results in 3 weeks.

How much pain have people had after LLETZ? The leaflets say that in a day or so I should be able to go back to life as normal, but I'm finding that the more I'm up and about the more I get cramps, back/hip pain and general 'heavyness' down there. I don't feel as if I'm having any abnormal discharge or bleeding, so I don't think it could be an infection. Plus I am already on antibiotics (CoAmoxiclav) for a kidney/water infection that I had before the LLETZ. 

Is it normal to still be in pain over a week later?

I'm trying to take it as easy as possible but it's not that easy when you have to go about your daily job as usual :(




I would call the colposcopy clinic for advise. I don't think you should still be in pain, but I can only go from my own experience. I didn't experience any pain at all, but I'm not sure what the norm is. Could it be to do with the water infection?

I ended up with a pelvic infection and UTI after mine, and felt generally awful for until the antibiotics kicked in. I started noticing the symptoms of the infection about 4 days after the procedure. Definitely call the clinic if you feel off, it's better to get it treated sooner than later if it does end up being an infection. 

Thanks ladies, just thought I'd update on this...

After having a weekend of pain and spotting I called my doctor yesterday morning. She said it didn't sound like an infection (dues to there being no 'aroma' etc) but to come in and see the nurse anyway to be on the safe side.

The nurse took a look up there (honestly, I feel like I have no digity left these days!), she commented that it looked 'very sore'. Yep! I can confirm that it is indeed very sore! She also mentioned that it looks 'sloughy', I had to actually google what that word meant! But after checking with the doctor this can still be normal after two weeks. 

Anyway, she's taken swabs to check for infection and I should get the results either Thurs or Friday.

I really do think that they need to re-evaluate the leaflets they give out - I mean, who are these women up and about as normal after 24hrs?! Certainly not me! LaughingLaughingLaughing