Infection after lletz?

Hi ladies,

I had a colposcopy a while ago and was diagnosed with CIN3. I went for the Lletz treatment on the 31/10/2013 which was fine. Not pleasant of course but nothing to really complain about. I was fine afterwards. I had zero bleeding or discharge. I even  started to wonder if it had been done right! Anyway two days ago I suddenly had a tiny bit of blood. Now today I have really bad tummy ache and quite a bit of new blood. Is this just the normal what to expect? Or is it an infection? I dont know if I'll be wasting a doctors time if I go now?


Any comments will be appreciated!


Chantelle :-)

Go to the drs if you are feeling unsure. 

i had a slight smell that increased each day after my LLETZ and waited for it to clear itself but it didn't so I gave in and went to drs. He asked me to describe smell, told me it was common to get an infection and gave me antibiotics.

best not to cause yourself unnecessary worry.

good luck xxx dons 

Just read again. Could this just be your period? When mine came a couple of weeks after procedure, it was all a bit of a shock! Was a really heavy period with bad belly ache. So could just be that!! X