People that have had lletz treatment...

I had lletz treatment five days ago.. I expected abit of pain and some cramps after but I've been in a lot of pain. I havnt done anything too strenuous but even little things like car journeys with pot holes/road bumps & wearing a seatbelt are causing me a lot of pain. Lying down on certain sides and so on... I didn't expect it to be this painful. I don't think I have an infection... But it doesn't appear people are in pain after and ive had loads so just want to hear that it's normal really. Abit worried! 


I wasnt in any pain after my lletz although a bit of pain is quite normal. I'm not sure you should be on that much pain though? Maybe give your gp a ring or the colposcopy unit at hospital where you had it done and ask for a bit of advice x

I bled alot during the treatment .. More so than usual the dr said so had to be monitored after. What was supposed to take twenty minutes left me in there an hour and I nearly had to go back in for more treatment after. im wondering if it's maybe because of that? Interested to hear off other people. If it still appears to not be normal having a lot of pain then il see my gp. 

I've heard a few people mention that they've had a stitch in after lletz if they've too a large amount. Maybe you could have done with one of them? Hope someone comes along soon that has been in a similar situation.

Good luck :) x

Hi, I had a lot of pain after my lletz, much more than just cramping. By the fifth day I also developed the horrible smell, so I knew then I had an infection but the pain came first and the antibiotics worked. I think you should only be feeling period type pain, anything worse I'd either see your gp or contact your consultant. Hope it gets sorted soon. x

I had no pain whatsoever after mine, guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I'd tell the gp if it's anything worse than a normal period pain, just to be on the safe side. 

Hi Gemlou,

We spoke last week. We had our treatment on the same day and both had quite bad bleeding. I had to have an internal stitch.

Don't think I have pain as bad as yours. How is the pain now? I haven't done anything too strenuous but have a 19 month old so haven't been able to avoid a bit of lifting!! 

I did think the pain would have gone by now. I am still taking paracetamol. Mine are more like bad period pains and today I also have aches in my lower back. Not sure if this is normal or not but I am also due my period this week! The joys!

Hope the pain eases soon.


Thank you for all the replies. I'm on the pill and took my last pill the day before the lletz treatment. However, the dr said because I bled so much to carry on with another packet of pills and miss the 7 day gap so I could distinguish how much I was bleeding without mistaking it for my period. I have done this and am unsure whether that would explain all the pain I've been having? It seems abit better today so I'm hoping it's getting better now... I Have black discharge and I mean just pure black discharge. Is this normal? (Sorry for tmi) x

Hi Gemlou,

Glad to hear the pain is a bit better now. I am not sure about the discharge as mine is different. 

Do you have the number for the Colposcopy unit? When I had some bleeding last week i called them as I was concerned. It may be worth giving them a call to put your mind at rest. 

I had my pill break as normal. Not sure if that was the best thing to do but hopefully it will be ok. 

Hope you get answers to your questions and the pain stays away!


I had severe pains after my LLETZ. I almost fainted trying to get my clothes back on after surgery, and the poor nurse was almost carrying me to a chair and feed me cookies and tea. 
An hour and half later I was feeling well enough to go out to the waiting car. 
All my strenght had washed out of me. 

I was working on a project in Spain, and had to fly back after a week. I spent the first week in pain, on the couch watching Disney movies and Once Upon a Time. 
The pain and cramps did not go away, and my discharge was like coffee grains. 
And it turned out I had an infection. So antibiotics I started. 
I was given Kodein by a doctor in Spain for my pains, and they helped a lot, and by week 4 I was flying back home, still in pain, but didn't need painkillers anymore. 
The end of week 5 my pain was all gone. 

Hopefully non of you will have it that bad. 


Best of Luck