Pain 5 weeks after lletz

Hi everyone,
Just want to ask anyone who may know, I had my lletz 5 weeks ago had no bleeding just pink water, no infection or anything and not had any loss for over 5 ish days but iv started having sharp stabbing pains in my left ovary area and sometimes what I imagine my left side of my cervix. This pain is not constant and comes and goes and is made worse by lifting or moving anything. I was tidying up moving washing around and iv had to lie down I had sharp stabbing pains and now it’s a heavy dull ache like a pulling sensation just on my left side. Have I done to much? Or is something wrong? I thought I’d be ok after 5 weeks as some ladies start exorcises and having sex around This time. Any advice would be appreciated, starting to worry abit. My lletz was for cin3 and was successfully removed with clear margins if that makes any difference. X

I'm almost 5 weeks after Lletz under GA. Very similar to you in the watery discharge not blood. I have had a few stabbing pains also on the left but I just put it down to my body being a bit confused and hormonal issues. 

Thankfully for me it hasn't been too bad. Maybe worth calling the clinic to just check. 

Hi Thankyou for the reply, I rang the clinic and they wasn't much help if I'm honest I'm going to see my gp next week, I'm hoping iv just pulled something but it like my groin/pubic area and is a constant dull ache and then sharp twinges. I did take my pill two hours late the other day so maybe that had caused it. :-( I just want to feel normal. Hope you are keeping well :-) x

I am also getting pulling and dull aches in my stomach when i move things around. The groin pain has wore off though (for now hopefully for good). 

Just take it easy and be careful not to lift too much. I think its my bodies way of telling me to relax and slow down a little haha.   

Hope you feel better soon hun, if not go and see your gp again x