Pain after Lletz

hi ladies, I had my lletz 1 week ago and had pain come and go through out the week with lots of watery stuff (sorry!!) but today it's feeling so much that normal after a week? I'm struggling to stand for long periods of time as it's so painful, was going to see my gp but just want to check if anyone else has had the same problem??


sarah x 

Def go back to GP to see what they say but watery stuff is normal as well as black ash type stuff too. hope you feel better soon xxx


I'm having a slightly similar experience - had my LLETZ 1 week ago and was absolutely fine, but then today all of a sudden I've started bleeding a fair bit and have period-pain like cramps. Doesn't sound like mine are quite as painful as yours so maybe go back to your GP - but just so you know you're not the only one :)