first lletz treatment

Can anyone help me please I had lletz 2 days ago and I am in agony really bad cramps and sharp pains how long will these last? I have not had much bleeding but I woke up today and my knickers were really wet but it was not pee it was like water it had no smell to it though!! Im confused and  bit worried! I am finding it hard to walk and the stairs is near on impossible on my own. I cant wait for it all to be over im living on painkillers : ( if anyone can help me I would be greatfull I have no one I can talk to about this stuff.

Hi Lisa,

I had my Lletz under GA and had a very large area removed. I was in agony for the first week and really struggled moving around. 4 weeks on and i'm still getting the odd pain and twinge. The watery discharge with me started around day 2 and by day 5 it had started to smell so I went to the doctors and was told I had an infection and put on antibiotics.

Try and take it very easy for the next few days. Some ladies are absolutely fine after lletz but we are all very different and take different lengths of time to heal. Just keep resting for the next day or two and see how you get on. If it gets much worse or the discharge starts to get worse call the doctors or go to your gp as it may be an infection.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Thank you huni its so nice to talk to someone who has been through it. Im gettin a bit worried as the pain hasnt started to die down and feels almost like its throbbing down there. And sorry to say this but I cant even go number two as it feels like my front is ripping in two. I may make an app with the doctor just to get peace of mind x

Hi Lisa,

I was the same, I would maybe give your gp a ring and see what they suggest. I didn't go for a number 2 for 5 days, it was horrible!

Hope you get sorted :) xx

Thank you for ur advice huni it was an infection it got really bad but got loads of anti biotics and painkillers n its pretty much gone now. Just waiting for my body to get back to normal now x