Hi all this is a first time for me to write in a forum. I had a colposcopy and biopsy on 12th of sep, result came back cin2 so had LLETZ treatment on monday 12th of oct. I rested that night and was a bit sore that night and on tue but wed morning i felt ok, but on tue and wed i couldnt rest much as it was my daughters bday and had a party to sort out. I spent most of tue and wed baking cakes and cooking the food, and party was wed afternoon. By the time i got to sit down i was sore, my back hurt and i was tired but i expected that. Today i have had a lot of sharp pain in my sides is this normal? Or have i just over done it? It also confusing as i had to have my mirena coil removed to have the LLETZ so dont know whats what at the moment. Any response appretiated thanks x

Sounds totally normal to me. I had mine on 6th October. Just look out for any heavy bleeding or discharge that's unpleasant smelling or bad pain as may have an infection xx

Thankyou will keep an eye out for any signs of that xx