Pain 2 weeks after LLETZ

Hello, I'm 21 and have had a private smear. I have had the LLETZ treatment 2 weeks ago and I'm still feeling pain, it sort of feels like dull ache in my tummy but back ache (period like) with stabbing pains, I'm still bleeding which I have been warned about. I just wonder if the pain is normal, I didn't have much pain immediately after but I'm experiencing it now?! Any advice would be Lovely?! 

I can’t give you any advice but I can tell you that you’re not alone, I am experiencing the same. I had it done on the 7th under Ga, not much pain after just like a bad period but a week on I’m totally wiped out and feeling quite tender. I went to doctor yesterday as I was worried that I’d got an infection but she said it’s perfectly normal to feel like this and not to worry. 

Take Care 


Hi Molly,


Im sorry to hear you have had to go through this.  I had similar symptoms as yourself after my LLETZ. It didnt hurt as much just after the procedure but i did experience pain for several weeks after. I also started to bleed and have big clots suddenly come out, which i must say was very scary and horrible but after that it easied off. I think with me though it was because i found out i had stage 1b1 cervial cancer and i was very worried which can cause you to pump blood faster round the body.  The only thing i was told to look out for is if you are bleeding alot where a sanitary towel is full after an hour or so and continues to do so.  Im sure you will be fine but Goodluck and i wish you a speedy recovery! 

Vicky xxx

Abnormal cells August 2016

LLETZ treatment 26th September 2016

Stage 1b1 confirmed 6th October 2016

25th November 2016 Knife cone and removal of lumph nodes, clear margins

May 2017 - Smear showed clear with no sign of HPV

May 2018 - Next smear due

Thank you so much for replying! The pain eased after another week and I've just stopped bleeding now over a month on! Just a waiting game for results which is making me really anxious!! So glad I went private or I would of had to wait 4 more years!! Xxx

Thank you so much for replying! It's nice to know your not alone but sorry you've had to go through it too!! I spoke to a lady on the helpline a couple days after posting this and she was really helpful!! Hope you're well! Hope results have come back fine!! Xx

I'm feeling much better thanks, still not had my results yet.  How are you feeling? 

Good to hear youre feeling better! :) I've started bleeding again after a week of no bleeding which is frustrating! Same here no results yet, called up today and was told my doctors been on holiday for a few weeks but will be back Monday to give me my results!! Fingers crossed yours will come soon!! Keep well & happy, mols xx