LLETZ treatment extremley painful, & after effects :-(

Hello, im new to this site so hope i am doing this right. I was hoping somebody could help me, i had my first smear test 10 days ago, im 25, and I

had to have the LLETZ treatment and a cone biopsy for severe high grade CIN3, 2 days ago. It was absolute agony! My pain threshold is usually quite high, but i have never felt pain like it and i am worried as all of the forums and websites I have read women say it did not hurt or was slightly sore/uncomphortable, The doctor gave me 5 lots of anasthetic and I could still feel every moment of it, I was screaming in pain but i knew i had to have it done. Since i had the treatment done i have fainted a few times, and just got sent home from work today for collapsing aswel. Is it normal to be so dizzy and faint?

Im so worried because my expierience doesnt seem to be like other peoples, am i normal or is something wrong. I am so worried about my biopsy results, any advice would be greatly appreciated 

thankyou so much laura xxxx

Hi Laura, so sorry to hear you're in pain. I too had cone biopsy and lletz under local. I was uncomfortable afterwards but not in pain until I got my period then it was like pain IHad never felt in my life. I wonder if it is to do with where you are in your cycle? I have also been given too lots of antibiotics for infections a few days after the treatment and seven weeks later. I would get to the docs tomorrow. You shouldn't be suffering with that pain Hun xxx

It doesn’t sound usual at all matey, not with other peoples experiences on here or the 5 or 6 people I actually know who have had it.
What did the drs say during/after the procedure? The nurse! Doesn’t sound right they’ve not followed it up after u were in so much pain… Go to GP tomorrow. This needs medical discussion, at least to be on the safe side
Let us know what happens.
Good luck x don

I had my LLETZ on Friday and I have a very sensitive cervix.  I've struggled for years with smears being painful, or bleeding during smears so that the sample isn't viable.  In the end, my GP sent me to the hospital to have my smear in stirrups.  I was then sent for a biopsy, which was also extremely painful for me.  It came back that there were CIN-1 cells (which apparently don't usually require treatment), however, they decided to perform LLETZ.  I found this really painful as well and had to have 5 anaesthetic injections.  I think that for most people it isn't painful, but my overly sensitive cervix made it very painful and that could be the reason it hurt so much for you.

As a side note, I didn't really bleed the first two days, but last night I lost quite a large piece of what looked like skin.  It was around the size of my palm (sorry this is icky!).  since then, I've been bleeding quite heavily.  Is this normal or has anyone else experienced this?  I'm a little worried.  I'm also getting period type pains, which I didn't suffer for the first two days.  The pain started around 1am and hasn't stopped.  

Hi, i’m not quite sure what the skin you lost was, i was just wodering if you’d started your period cos i had no bood only discharge for first few days then i came on early, the doctor said that it can make that happen n i had really bad pains n heavy bleeding. Its stopped now n i’m just losing a discharge again. I’d think of having a chat with your gp or the clinic about the skin you lost not sure if thats normal or not. Some of the other ladies may know. Take care x


I had LLETZ about 20 years ago and to quote a lady from a US forum "it hurt like a mother******!".  The injection into the cervix was painful enough but then the doc did the old school dentist thing and started working on me before it kicked in.  Because I was so scared, when they asked if I wanted to be treated right away I said yes - in retrospect, I should have insisted on anaesthesia and/or sedatives.  

Beats me why they didn't give me gas and air because that's very niceSmile.


Hope you're feeling better soon.


I'm a sonographer at my local hospital and work closely alongside the gynae team so I am familiar with many gynae procedures. When I had an abnormal smear and had to have biopsies, polyp removal and a lletz, I naturally took to the forums to see what people's experiences were (despite my own advice to my patients being to avoid google!). I got myself so wound up and upset prior to my lletz that I was an emotional wreck, trawling through forums reading bad experience after bad experience searching for one that said not to worry! 

I just want to let other frightened readers know that I personally sailed through both the biopsies and the lletz procedure and I consider myself a bit of a wimp as healthcare workers tend to make the worst patients! Both procedures were quick and easy with the only mild discomfort being the nip of the Injection. 

Yes you will feel miserable in the run up to the lletz procedure and anxious waiting for results and even emotional after the lletz,  but the procedure itself is bearable and setting up equipment takes longer than the removal of the tissue!

Everyone will be different and every cervix is different as some women are much more sensitive than others, but put it this way..... I'd rather have a lletz any day if the week than an injection in my mouth at the dentist! I hope this puts people's mind at rest as this is what I was searching for in my time of worry! 

Jo x

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The skin may well have been the scab coming away which I have been told to expect around a a few days to a week after and can be followed by more red bleeding as it re heals. I too felt quite a bit of pain and actually pulled away so hoping I didnt affect the procedure. I do seem to have an issue with local A not working on me very well though and put it down to that